♥One Direction Imagines♥

I have been wanting to do imagines for a while and I decided to try sorry if they aren't that good I'll try my best. Comment your name, physical description, if you want it romntic, funny, ect. , what you want to happen, and what boy you want it with. If you want to add anying else go ahead sorry if I dont get to them right away but I have school I will be writting them every weekend and any days I have off from school or if I have free time. Also I dont do dirty imagines sorry but Im not good at writting them.


2. Harry- Sameerah.

One Direction is in your town for a few concerts and have been on the radio like crazy. Radios are having contest everyday for the past week the contest give out tickets, backstage passes you name it. You keep trying to get on but never do today is the last day of radio contests and you dont even feel like trying.

You have been sitting in your room for hours listening to the radio as one by one girls dreams of seeing One Direction are fulfilled except yours. Every time they have a new contest they describe what its for and how to win. The next contest is the last. The five winners get to go on a date with one member of One Direction. You can't help but call. You call four times and each time you don't get through.

Everyone but Harry is taken. You call one last time and get through. All you have to do is tell the radio host Harry's birthday. The host asks for your name and you scream Sameerah then you screech his birthday into the phone and are congratulated. The host then asks for your phone number. Later on you get a call telling you where the date will be.

Tomorrow you get to go on a date with Harry Styles. You can't believe it this has to be a dream right? 

You wake up the next morning and get ready you put on your favourite outfit and wear you hair down. You put on some eyeliner and mascara but that's it you don't want to look like your trying to hard. You walk to the restaurant you were told the date was supposed to be and wait. Your so excited and nervous you can barely handle it. Finally your shown to your table and you see the most gorgeous curly haired man on the planet. Harry Styles.

You sit down and the waitress comes by with menus and asks what type of drinks you would like you and Harry both order water. Finally Harry breaks the silence and you both start to get comfortable with each other you order your food and end up having a great time. Harry is so much more laid back than you thought he would be you end up walking to a local park and staying out pretty late. At the end of the night he leaves your doorstep after a romantic kiss and an exchange of numbers.

You don't know where things will go from here but for now you are focusing on the awesome night you had.

***A/N*** Sorry if this wasn't very good this is the first imagine I have ever written and I tried to do a good job. Sorry if it wasn't what you hoped for give me some feedback if you could.

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