♥One Direction Imagines♥

I have been wanting to do imagines for a while and I decided to try sorry if they aren't that good I'll try my best. Comment your name, physical description, if you want it romntic, funny, ect. , what you want to happen, and what boy you want it with. If you want to add anying else go ahead sorry if I dont get to them right away but I have school I will be writting them every weekend and any days I have off from school or if I have free time. Also I dont do dirty imagines sorry but Im not good at writting them.


4. Harry- Hope

You and Harry have been dating for six months today you are celebrating your anniversary and are having dinner at a nice restaurant that recently opened. You get ready and put on a nice dress and curl your hair you pit on a little make-up and you wait for Harry to come you still remember when you first met

. *****FLASHBACK***** You were at a local park sitting down on a bench listening to music. You decided you wanted to grab a bit and as you ran to a local cafe you ran into someone.

''I'm sorry are you okay?'' You ask.

''I'm fine love why are you in such a hurry?'' The guy asks he has an amazing british accent.

" To be honest I don't really know.'' You laugh.

You that a bit and exchange numbers and part ways. Later that day he called you and you decided to meet at the cafe. When you found out he was Harry Styles you were in shock. After that first date you guys started to hang out all the time now the whole world knows you as Harry Styles girlfriend.

*****END OF FLASHBACK***** When you and Harry arrive at the restaurant you sit down. After you order drinks and food you start to talk. Harry brings up when you first met and before you know it he is down on one knee proposing to you.

''Hope will you marry me?'' He asks.

You gasp yes and start to cry you couldn't be any happier then this moment right here.

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