♥One Direction Imagines♥

I have been wanting to do imagines for a while and I decided to try sorry if they aren't that good I'll try my best. Comment your name, physical description, if you want it romntic, funny, ect. , what you want to happen, and what boy you want it with. If you want to add anying else go ahead sorry if I dont get to them right away but I have school I will be writting them every weekend and any days I have off from school or if I have free time. Also I dont do dirty imagines sorry but Im not good at writting them.


5. Bella-Liam

Your walking around town one day. You are enjoying the sun and have been walking since you woke up you are by a small lake that no one ever goes to. This is where you always go to clear your thoughts or relax. You are walking to your favourite place by the lake when you hear someone getting up to leave. You look at who it is and it's Liam Payne from One Direction. You start to fangirl. Oh my god you think just oh my god. You walk over to him quickly and tell him that he doesn't have to leave. So he sits back down and you sit by him and just stare at the surface of the lake. After an hour or so you break the silence.

"I'm a huge fan." You say. Better get it off your chest now.

"That's great" Liam mumbles.

"Does this have to be so akward?" You ask irratated

To your surprise Liam simply states "Yes"


''Your a fan and you think of me as Liam Payne from One Directio. I'm more than that I'm a normal guy whose dream came true not some whiny popstar.I don't want to have a conversation with someone when they are going to treat me like I am one." Liam sighs at the en.

"Oh" You are dumbfounded. 

You get up walk away. Then you turn around you walk up to Liam and ask politley if you may sit down. He looks at you like you are crazy. Maybe you are just a little.

"Uh yes?" Liam asked unsure and confused.

"Thanks by the way my name is Bella it's nice to meet you..." You trail off

"Liam it's Liam it's nice to meet you too Bella" He tells you with a smile shaking his head.

You spent the rest of the day by the lake with Liam. Sometimes you talked others you sat silent staring off in the distance. It doesn't matter what you were doing today was still perfect. Liam and you walked back to your house and befor ehe got into his car you splipped him a note. You had found a peice of papper in your pocket and a pen on the ground. Inside the note was your number. 

Two days later you got a call from Liam. You have been dating ever since.


A/N Hope you like it. I'm sorry it took so long I've been extremly busy.

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