A light in the dark

15 year old Miley is bullied. She has no friends. She tries to commit but new boy Matt and supply teacher Mr Kay stop her. Could Matt be her light in the dark?


1. The Drop

I just wanted to die. Why couldn't they accept that? They were staring at me from below screaming at me to come down. I couldn't here them. It was just pointless noise. I had a reason to jump. Everyone hated me! It started with some rumours, then name calling and finally some girl attacked me in the street. Enough was enough! As I looked down all I thought of was the feeling... the feeling of hitting the ground.

"Miley!" Mr Kay was shouting. "Miley! Please come away from the edge!" As teachers go Mr Kay was the nicest. He was young and new how it felt to be a teen, he genuinely cared about you. Miley looked over the edge. He was frozen with fear. She shouted something he couldn't here and got ready to jump. Suddenly he grabbed her and pulled her in close. She struggled for a moment and then just fell to the floor... and cried.  

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