Pretty Little Directioners

What happens when 6 best friends go to sleep at night? what happens when one of them disappears?What happens when they meet One Direction?! All these questions will be answered in Pretty Little Directioners!!


1. Meet the characters

Alison Pietrese- Eyes: blue  Hair:dirty blonde  Race: whiteSkin: tan-ish   likes to sing(1D), dance, act,and is queen bee of turtle bay high school

Age: 17

BFFs: karla, camilla, zoe, lauren, and troian 

Karla Martinez-Eyes: dark brown  Hair:black Race: Latina Skin: tan   likes to sing(1D), act, and is the smartest girl in turtle bay high school

Age: 16

BFFs: camilla, zoe, lauren, troian and alison

Camilla Cabello- Eyes: hazel Hair:brown race: Latina Skin:tan   likes to sing(1D), dance and is told to be the most talented girl in the entire country

Age: 16

BFFs: zoe, lauren, troian, alison,and karla

Zoe Cox-Eyes:green  Hair: blonde  race: white Skin:white likes to sing(1D),act, dance and is the girl who is carefree and just outgoing

Age: 16

BFFs: lauren, troian, alison, karla,camilla, and mayralee

Lauren Rodriguez- Eyes:turquoise  Hair: black.  Race: Latina Skin:white likes to sing(1D), act, dance and is 

The student athlete of the school

Age: 16

BFFs: troian, alison, karla, camilla, and zoe

Troian Hastings- Eyes: brown  Hair:dark brown race:white Skin: tan-ish likes to sing(1D), act, dance, and is a shy kinda girl

Age: 16

BFFs: alison, karla, camilla,lauren, and zoe


you know what these girls all have in common they go to the same school they're all friends but what they don't know yet is that one of them will disappear. Who? When? Why!? 

All your questions will be answered soon in Pretty Little Directioners

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