Pretty Little Directioners

What happens when 6 best friends go to sleep at night? what happens when one of them disappears?What happens when they meet One Direction?! All these questions will be answered in Pretty Little Directioners!!


6. Chapter 5- Truth or Dare

Karla's POV

We sat in a circle and started:

"Alison, truth or dare?" asked Harry


" Do you have a boyfriend?"

"NOPE!" she said loudly popping the 'p', we all laughed at her childishness (< i think that's a word)

'Interesting!!" harryh said rubbing his chin like he were the smartest person ever

"Okay, Louis truth or dare?" said Alison stil giggling a little

"Mmm, DARE!!" he screamed

"Okay, group huddle"

we all got in a little huddle and i offered the idea that we make him run aroiund the block in only his underwear screaming/singing 'Come & Get It' by Selena Gomez but Zayn had the idea of him doing it butt naked! and then the fun happened we told Louis his dare and all went outside and sat on Camilla's porch and watched as Louis got chased( did we forget to mention that this neighborhood is full of directioners xD) we laughed our heads off and Louis ran around the block about ten times until the girls chaasing him got tired and left then he came back panting and i think almost crying because he was scared of those girls.........awwweeeeee............OH WELL!!xD

" Who came up with that dare?!" Louis asked angrily

everyone pointed at me and i just ran out of that room as fast as i could while Louis chased me around the entire house...... i thought i lost when i turned around he was standing right infront of me

"DEAR LORD!! Louis you scared me half to death"

" Well you almost got me killed-"

"so i guess we're even"

"NOPE, you have to give me a kiss right here" he said pointing to his cheek

i went up on my tippy toes because he is taller than me and puckered my lips, leaned in, and kissed him but i actually kissed his lips because as i leaned in he turned hi s head so i could kiss his lips and it wasn't a regular old kiss, it was deep and passionate and it felt like magic.

Louis' POV

I kissed her. it just felt right, it wasnt sloppy or plain. I felt sparks, fireworks went off in my head and my stomach was doing flips. We slowly pulled away needing to breathe and just stared at eachothers eyes. Then i heard something on the other side of the door, i slowly and quietly walked over to the door and swiftly opened it to find 9 people snooping around and NOT minding their own business. I turned around and Karla's cheeks were as red as a tomato

"Guys, can you get out? I need to talk to Karla, Alooone! " I said

Yeas and sure's were heard before they all left the room

" hey, umm... Sorry about that" i said

"Not a problem, I guess I'm kinda used to it,"she said "sooo, what now?"

"How about you... You be girlfriend?" I said rather nervously

"YES!" She yelled "... I mean.. Um.. Yeah sure" she said trying to play it cool

"You scared me for a second there"

"Well,let's go back downstairs"

Author's Note

Sorry for taking forever on this update. Double honors is very hard work!!! I'll try to do an update soon

Peace out to you, you, you, and you


~Mayralee <3~












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