Pretty Little Directioners

What happens when 6 best friends go to sleep at night? what happens when one of them disappears?What happens when they meet One Direction?! All these questions will be answered in Pretty Little Directioners!!


5. Chapter 4- Meet the girls

Camilla's POV

"Ummm..... I.... I......." Liam was cut off by my phone

"saved by the bell" I said before answering the phone, it was Karla... We Are still besties even after everything. Lauren is also still our bestie, too

convo k: Karla c:camilla

k: hey girly

c: what up home slice

both laugh

k: can I come over?

c: of course diggity dog

k: bye maldita

c: say what up to my d dog Lauren

k: oh and she's coming too.

*hangs up*

so I finish talking to Karla and I'm receiving weird stares from the boys

" what?

" Nothing...nope...I didn't say anything...

" Mmmhhmmm, okay guys... My friends are coming over so yeah... be ready"



" I hear you!!!" Then I whisper to the guys " shhhh! "

I went to open the door and found Lauren and Karla singing this:

" shot me out out of the sky I'm zayn's creep tonight" Lauren sang " he is making me weak "

then Karla joined in as we reached the living room door while I was about to fall on the floor laughing " like carrots on Louis " then I opened the door and found the boys laughing their precious heads off as I did the same. Meanwhile, Karla is standing there blushing like an idiot and Lauren is in the middle of hardcore staring at the 5 boys sitting on my couch

* 5 minutes later *

the laughing died down and I offered to play truth or dare.YES!screamed Louis.we sat in a circle and Louis started."Karla truth or dare?".""BOOOO! Yelled Louis . "Who is your favorite band member?"" L-l-Louis ."Karla said blushing furiously.Harry,truth or dare? Asked Zayn while smirking. "Dare."" I dare you to go next door naked and ask if they have any clothes." Harry started striping and went outside then came back panting. "What happened?" "Directioner ...knife ...scary."

" Are you saying a gay Directioner tried to stab you with a knife?!"Louis said

" Oh, that was just Tyler Oakley he loves you guys and he invited me over for dinner so that's probably what he was doing, yeah"


" I wonder who that is",

" I invited Alison " said Karla

" and I invited Zoe"

" thanks for the heads up then.." I said sounding very sarcastic

I opened the door and found Alison, Zoe, and Mayralee

" not bad, little one" Zoe said walking in my house observing the changes we made since last year.....I just laughed at her and said : we'll come on in!

they walked into the living room and froze Zoe staring at Niall while Niall returning the favor and Alison staring at Harry and he did the same

" quit staring before you eyes fall out" I said and they all looked down and I think they all blushed.....

"so we were in the middle of truth or dare I believe" I said

" can we play too? Asked Mayralee, Zoe, and Alison

we all said yeah and this was how we were sitting in the circle: me, Liam , Ali, Harry, Mayralee, Zoe, Niall, Karla, Louis, Lauren, and Zayn

before the game started i made sure to whisper to liam this:

"Don't think i forgot about that 'Ummm.....i......i.......' thing!"

he gave me a worried look and i just chuckled

Now, let the games BEGIN!!!


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