Pretty Little Directioners

What happens when 6 best friends go to sleep at night? what happens when one of them disappears?What happens when they meet One Direction?! All these questions will be answered in Pretty Little Directioners!!


3. Chapter 2-Alison?!?!?!?!

Lauren's POV



Thats what I woke up to. I rolled over and checked the time....Midnight, really!? I sat up and looked around, Troian and Karla were missing. I woke the girls up and told them.

"What do you mean they're gone?" said Alison

"I mean they were here when we fell asleep and now they're not!"

Then I heard something brush up against the tree outside

"Guys did you hear that?" asked Zoe

"Yeah" we all said

We walked towards the door and quickly opened it when suddenly Karla popped in. We all screamed and jumped.

"What the hell?!?!" I screamed at Karla

"Never mind that, Troian's gone!"

~1 year later~

Zoe's POV

.....Troian's gone.

"She woke up at 11:30 and left the house,I didnt think it meant anything until I heard a scream......I went to go check on her and I couldn't find her I checked upstairs cuz maybe I didn't see her go up then I went outside I checked the whole neighborhood. It's like she disappeared!

That was last summer it was also the last time I heard from Troian. She disappeared and never came back. I always wondered what happened to her. Me and the girls drifted apart after that, somehow she was the glue that held the group together. I started publicly hanging out with Mayralee and now we're almost as popular as Alison it's pretty cool if you think about it.i was pulled out of my thoughts when Mayralee started talking

"Did you see what Karla was wearing today? Talk about boring with a capital BORE"

"yea" I said, it's easier just to agree with her cuz she can tear you down like that.

The class was boring as always so I decided to skip next period, on my way to the bathroom I heard someone crying. I turned the corner and saw.......Alison?



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