Pretty Little Directioners

What happens when 6 best friends go to sleep at night? what happens when one of them disappears?What happens when they meet One Direction?! All these questions will be answered in Pretty Little Directioners!!


2. Chapter 1- What happened...

Alison, Karla, Camilla, Zoe, Lauren, and Troian were all at school having the best day ever. Alison just became official queen bee of Turtle Bay Middle School against Lexi Prescott, the wannabe of the school. Karla was just crowned smartest person in the state. Camilla won the talent competition at school. Zoe just made six new friends. (the six new kids from Iowa and Hawaii) Lauren is now the swimming national champion. And Troian finally came out of her shell and, with confidence, announced her speech In front of her history class.

Then there's Mayralee the geek who gets pushed into the locker everyday but has just one friend, our friendly little Zoe.  Zoe knows that Mayralee is a beautiful and doesn't understand why they bully her. She can't st nd up to her friends cuz she thinks they'll kick her out of the group and bully her too. Anyway tonight the girls were going to be sleeping over Karla's house for their last day of school.


~7 pm later that day~


Alison's POV

We were all dancing around to One Directions "Still the One" and I'm getting really tired so...

"Hey guys I think it's time to go to sleep, if I don't I will probably end up on this floor is another five minutes" I said

in response I received a bunch of yeas and ditties so I laid back on the couch and fell into a dreamless sleep.


Authors Note:  hey my little carrots I hope you like the book so far if you think it's boring just tell me ok there's lots of action and interesting stuff in the next chapter ima try to update everyday so just wait....

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