Distraught: A Poetry Collection

The distraught feelings of someone who has been deeply hurt who is trying to deal with the 'pain'.


8. Lost to all

There’s nothing left in me

Nothing more to ruin

Leave me alone now

You can’t take anymore.


My life has been wrecked

My brain abandoned

Leaving me stranded

In the midst of this pain.


Where shall I turn?

How shall I go?

There are lions out to get me

Always bearing cubs.


Scared and frustrated

Lonely and afraid.

Waiting and hoping

Knowing it’s in vain.


Can’t understand

And can’t see sense.

Fogged up brain

Whatever I do.


Summers Dream,

Saving Daisy,

Being Billy,

Weighing it up.




Pale reflections.

Everything focused on that single topic.


I am unreachable

Whatever you say.

Lost to the world

Feeling lost to it all.



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