Distraught: A Poetry Collection

The distraught feelings of someone who has been deeply hurt who is trying to deal with the 'pain'.


4. A Soliloquy

It all began when I was a teen,

A small comment here and a look over there,

Nothing should have come of it,

But it did.


Losing weight,

Losing interest,

Losing friends,

Losing confidence.


I was a wreck,

Paranoid and anxious.

I was a mess,

Depressed with no self esteem.


It all stopped for GCSE’s

Or so I thought

Reappearing as self harm

And suicidal thoughts.


Getting worse,

Serious maybe.

No one knows,

No one can ever know.


That changed too,

Soul Survivor made the difference.

Supposed understanding,

That messed me even more.


While everything had disappeared,

The devil worked his evil work.

Fast and furious,

It returned.


Unaware of what was happening,

Staying up late,


Skipping lunch and supper.



Thought I had the upper hand.

But it seems I never will,

Unless someone can intervene.


Nearly there,

So nearly there.

Slipping down the cliff,

Reaching for the hand.


The hand waiting,

The support to guide me through.

I know I need it,

So that I am true.

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