High school for Callie hasn't been the best. Ever since her mother, Julia, died, and her father downward spiraling, and her boyfriend breaking up with her, Callie feels she has nobody to go to. But when a new guy shows up at school and shows specific interest, in Callie, Callie realizes that sometimes there really is somebody always there to save you. Featuring Callie Braddick, Harry Styles, and Wendy Kelp, Callie at first knew to care for nobody, because they would only leave her. But in this case, never.


1. It's a Small World Afterall

Callie was taken aback by what Harry said.  How could he possibly know who she was?  He wasn't some type of stalker was he?  Harry must've sensed her confusion, because he pointed to her binder, where her name was scribbled neatly across the bottom.  Callie sighed and looked back up at his eyes.  "Don't worry love, I wouldn't stalk you," Harry said curtly.  Callie licked her lips and shook her head.  "No, I didn't think you would but-"  "Ms. Braddick, Mr. Stylus, please converse during your free time," Mr. Heath said putting one skinny hand on his hip.  Harry cleared his throat.  "Pardon me Mr. Heath.  Callie was just telling me about the new curriculum here."  Harry leaned back in his seat.  "And it's Styles sir, not Stylus."  Mr. Heath looked at him confusingly.  "Excuse me?"  Harry sighed as if this had happened many times before.  "My last name sir.  You pronounced it incorrectly."  Mr. Heath rolled his eyes again, and turned back to the board.  Callie looked at Harry in awe.  "Wow.  Nobody ever talks to Mr. Heath like that."  Harry leaned in close to her.  "Well maybe it was time somebody did."


"Dark hair, green eyes, British, and talks back to teachers?" Callie's best friend, and only friend, Wendy Kelp said while snatching a carrot from Callie's lunch plate.  Callie nodded slowly.  "Yeah."  Wendy looked at her suspiciously.  "He isn't a sex addict is he?"  Callie looked at her friend incredulously.  "No Wendy, he isn't a sex addict," Callie rolled her eyes.  Wendy sighed and snatched another carrot from the tray.  "Is he hot?"  Callie sighed dreamily.  "Yep.  And he is totally sweet.  He knew my name before I even told him."  Wendy raised an eyebrow.  "He knew your name?" she said.  Callie took her own carrot and tossed it into her mouth.  "My name was on my binder," she explained.  Wendy nodded in approval, then smirked.  "You like him?" she said.  Callie opened her mouth to say yes, but hesitated.  Did she like him?  They had just met, and she was already gushing over him.  Ugh, she was actually turning into a teenage girl by this boy.  Callie shrugged.  "Not yet.  I barely know him, I think I should give it some time."  Wendy smiled wickedly and held a carrot up to her mouth.  "Time is only a waste in the game of love my friend.  If you like him, go for him."  Callie registered her friends words.  Well, she could go for him right?  I mean he was single, new, and was so sweet.  What wasn't to like?  Callie sat up straighter.  "You know what, you're right.  And I have nothing to be afraid of right?"  Wendy chewed her carrot.  "Exactly," she said in-between bites.      

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