High school for Callie hasn't been the best. Ever since her mother, Julia, died, and her father downward spiraling, and her boyfriend breaking up with her, Callie feels she has nobody to go to. But when a new guy shows up at school and shows specific interest, in Callie, Callie realizes that sometimes there really is somebody always there to save you. Featuring Callie Braddick, Harry Styles, and Wendy Kelp, Callie at first knew to care for nobody, because they would only leave her. But in this case, never.


2. Home Sweet Home

Callie never thought she would have to use the sentence, "No we aren't dating," more than three times in a decade.  It turns out, she was wrong about not being afraid of anything.  All of the girls in her junior class were gushing over Harry as well, and better yet, they knew that he was the only one that had spoken to Callie directly.  By the time she got home, she had had twenty seven people come up to her and ask something about Harry, mostly about his hair products.  Callie opened the door to her apartment building and climbed the creaky stairs to her two bedroom apartment, which she shared with her father.  She walked in and set her backpack on the rusty tile floor, and shrugged off her jacket. "Dad, I'm home!" she called.  She was replied with a low grunt, which further informed Callie her father wasn't up yet.  She picked up her backpack and walked a few feet to her small space, which welcomed her with a warm breeze.  Callie plopped down on her bed and picked up her laptop.  She opened it up and logged onto her email.  Some Facebook alerts, Twitter tweets, some chain mail that nobody bothered to open.  She glanced to the left at her clock.  4:00 pm on the dot.  Her shift at Applebee's started at 4:15 and went until 10:00.  Might as well get there early.  She closed her laptop and switched her jeans and t-shirt to shorts and a black tank top with Converse.  4:05 pm on the dot.  "Dad I'm leaving for work!" Callie shouted.  Once again replied with a grunt, Callie shook her head and headed out the door.  Once outside, she unlocked her bike from the railing, and biked all the way to Applebee's.  It was better serving alcohol to horny bastards rather than being alone in a house with a klepto father.  Right?

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