High school for Callie hasn't been the best. Ever since her mother, Julia, died, and her father downward spiraling, and her boyfriend breaking up with her, Callie feels she has nobody to go to. But when a new guy shows up at school and shows specific interest, in Callie, Callie realizes that sometimes there really is somebody always there to save you. Featuring Callie Braddick, Harry Styles, and Wendy Kelp, Callie at first knew to care for nobody, because they would only leave her. But in this case, never.


3. Beauty and the Broken

Callie had made it through almost 5 hours of work and not yet did any horny guys bother her.  It was good, considering she worked at a bar until the late hours of the night.  But of course her being Callie, just her luck.  As she poured tequila into a shot glass for an old guy on the right side of the bar, two men walked up to the bar and said huskily, "Hey."  Usually a "hey," wouldn't have bothered her, but it was a bar.  There were no nice and friendly, "hey's."  Callie ignored them and passed the shot glass to the old man.  The man who had said hey to her bent over the table.  "You know, when people say hey, it's polite to say hey back."  Callie put the bottle of tequila down on the table with a bang.  "Can I get you something?" she said impatiently.   The man looked impatient too, but rolled his eyes at her.  "Scotch for me and my friend here."  He placed a one hundred dollar bill on the table and passed it to her.  "Make it dirty too."  Callie picked up the money and rolled her eyes at the huge bill.  She placed it in her pocket and bent down to get the scotch, but as soon as she grabbed it, she felt a quick speck of pain on her butt.  Callie brought up the scotch and looked at the smirking man in disgust.  "Really?" she said with clear annoyance.  The man shrugged, as if it were normal.  "Nothing personal darling.  Just what you deserve."  Callie poured the scotch into a glass with ice.  "What does that mean?"  The man grinned.  "Doesn't matter.  Just hurry up with my drink, I got friends waiting."  He gestured to a group of guys playing pool in the left corner of the restaurant.  Callie felt herself getting angry.  How dare he say that to her?  "You want your drink?" she asked practically boiling.  She picked up the glass thrusted it forward right at the man's face.  The alcohol drenched his polo shirt and his gelled hair, and embedded itself deep into his eyes.  The man's hands flew up to his eyes and he yelled in pain.  "Bitch!" he yelled.  His friend looked at Callie in shock.  "And don't you forget it," Callie said in fury.  She slammed the cup on the bar and moved to the other side.  Her coworker, Amy, trotted over to her and pointed over to the mean pervert cowering in fear from her.  "What the hell Cal?" she said in some awe.  "Why did you do that?"  "Why do you think?" Callie asked.  Amy thought, and sighed.  "Slapped your ass didn't he?"  Callie nodded.  Amy put her hand on her shoulder.  "Want me to tell bossman?"  Callie shook her head.  It wouldn't do any good.  Guys would still come back, and these were just some of the first.  "Amy, I have..."  Her sentence was cut short as she saw Amy's eyes bulge near where the creepy guys had sat.  "What?" Callie said.  Amy glanced at Callie, and looked back at the bar.  Callie turned slowly and what she saw made her heart stop.  "Hello there luv," Harry called from the bar.  "Fancy seeing you here."

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