High school for Callie hasn't been the best. Ever since her mother, Julia, died, and her father downward spiraling, and her boyfriend breaking up with her, Callie feels she has nobody to go to. But when a new guy shows up at school and shows specific interest, in Callie, Callie realizes that sometimes there really is somebody always there to save you. Featuring Callie Braddick, Harry Styles, and Wendy Kelp, Callie at first knew to care for nobody, because they would only leave her. But in this case, never.


4. A Thousand Kisses More

Amy was practically drooling.  "You know him?" Amy asked Callie under her breath.  Callie was too stunned to speak.  "Uh, y-yeah I do."  Amy laughed.  "How?!"  But Callie was way too distracted.  Ugh, it was so unfair one guy was making her act like this.  She felt her cheeks turn red.  "Uh, Amy, I'll be right back."  Amy smirked.  "Okay, take your time."  She waltzed past her and winked at Harry.  She turned back before going to the kitchen.  "Real slow," she mouthed.  Callie sighed in content and walked up to the handsome boy sitting smirking at her.  "It seemed pretty rough back there.  You alright?" Harry asked, his eyes soft.  Callie nodded and smiled.  "I handled it," she said.  "I saw," Harry said tilting his head towards the man still cowering in pain.  "I was about to make a move there, but you looked like you had it." He grinned at her. " I knew you were one of the tough ones." Callie felt herself blush. "Thanks," she said sheepishly. Suddenly, Callie felt a burst of ambition. So what if she had never had any experience with boys before? She was almost 17 and she couldn't be afraid forever. Callie bent down under the bar and pulled out a full bottle of Greygoose vodka. Callie wiggled the bottle in front of Harry's eyes. "Share it with me?" she asked. Harry didn't hesitate. He spun in this chair and gestured towards the open door of Applebee's. "Ladies first." Callie swiftly walked past Harry past the men who had harassed her, and out the door, Harry trailing at her heels.

They had been drinking at least for 10 minutes before before Callie got drunk. Though she'd never been drunk it gave her a crazy adrenaline rush. She could barely hear anything Harry was saying, nonetheless she felt brand new, like she had finally shed her skin and become something more comfortable. "Am I drunk yet?" Callie slurred. Harry responded with something like, "yes, very," or "baby Larry." She couldn't tell which. Callie looked at Harry's beautiful lips. "Your lips are really pretty," Callie said. Harry chuckled and grinned. "Thank you though that is a very unusual compliment." Callie eyed his lips again. What would it be like to kiss him? She'd never kissed anybody before, so what would it be like now? Well she didn't get to decide. Because Harry slowly, slowly, leaned in and pressed his beautiful lips to Callie's. She could taste the poison on his lips and tongue as he slid it into her mouth. Callie kissed him back with all the intention of doing so. The kiss was magical, amazing, extraordinary. Sparks practically flew as he kissed her even more deeply. Finally, he pulled back gasping for breath, and Callie blacked out. All she knew, was she needed a thousand kisses more to survive.

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