A young boy’s dream is fulfilled as he goes through years of training but at the last hurdle he becomes injured. An injury that could threaten his career forever.

Thomas wants to be an athlete and begins to train as one when he is talent scouted at his school sports day. 'Believe' tells of his journey to Olympic glory.
It is completely fictional.


8. The Biggest Surprise

“Tom, I think you’re ready for some big news now so I’m going to tell you! It’s something really amazing!” Jamie said.

Tom was now sixteen and had been doing really well in his training, since he had broken his ankle.

“What news, Jamie?” Tom sighed.

It was the end of a busy day and Tom really wanted to go home and have a nice long rest. As long as Jamie made this quick, he would wait.

“Tom,” Jamie began, “I wanted to tell you that … I’ve entered you for the next Olympic Games. I’m hoping you’ll be allowed a trial.”

The news burst into Tom’s brain straight away. A million questions shot out of Tom all at once.

“When? Why? How? I’m not good enough yet, am I? Dad won’t let me, will he? What do you mean?”

“Calm down, Tom.” Jamie laughed at Tom’s reaction. It was not quite what he had been expecting but with that type of news it was hard to tell how someone might react. Especially someone who had come as far as Tom had.

Once Tom had seemed to calm down Jamie said, “Remember when you ran against Cal, you beat him by five seconds even though you broke your ankle during that race. He has run in nearly every set of Olympic Games since he was fourteen. Cal has won many gold medals. He is an athletic genius. A superstar.”

“No way!” Tom whispered, too stunned to say anything else. “I need to train. We need to get cracking. Let’s start training now.” Tom leapt up suddenly and began to jump around. He had been filled with a huge surge of adrenaline, he felt as if he could face anything now.

Tom started off by jogging slowly round the track. He did this four times without stopping to walk once. Then, Jamie got him to do a lot of special stretches.

“These will make your muscles extra supple and they will give you a better chance of winning any race.” Jamie said.

Tom went through them twice each and then took another jog around the 400 metre track.

“Tom, I think we should try you at the 100 metres now.  We will see if these exercises have made you any quicker or not.”

Tom went and got himself into position on the track.

“Ready, Set, Go!” screamed Jamie, blowing a whistle on the word ‘Go!’

Tom was off, flying like a bird. Just as the race appeared to have started Tom had finished.

“Wow Tom! 10 seconds 42!” Jamie gasped. “How did you manage that?”

“Oh, I just ran!” Tom brushed the episode away with a simple ease. Jamie knew he had found something special in Tom.

 For the next few weeks, Tom did the same routine and at the end of each of the training sessions, Jamie would get him to run the 100 metres. Each time, Tom would be a few milliseconds faster than the last time he had run it. This pleased Jamie so much that he took Tom on an outing. It was special and made up for all Tom’s hard work.

Tom sat in the tube wondering where they were going. London was for sure, judging from the destination written on the platform, but where in London were they going? Tom looked out of the window at the amazing scenery. Lush green hills, tiny white specks; Tom supposed that they must be sheep; tractors sowing seeds and a lot of gardens with children playing in them.

One little girl was planting vegetables and flowers in a patch of soft, brown soil with a tiny pink watering and trowel.

“Amy! Amy!” the little girl’s Mum shouted as the train whizzed past. Tom wondered what the little girl, Amy, had done.

When they eventually arrived, Tom realized where they were straight away. Jamie was going to show him around the Olympic Stadium he would be running in if he passed the Great Britain trials, where his Mum, Dad and Anna would watch him run and where Thomas Starkés might receive a medal. He could be famous. Tom might one day be a household name! he thought. He had begun to fantasise even more when Jamie cut through Tom’s thoughts.

“So, over there you will be running the 100 meters and over there," Jamie pointed into the distance "I think it's over there anyhow, I hope you will be receiving a medal. And a gold medal at that, I hope!”

“I hope I get a medal but I’m not expecting anything.” Tom told Jamie, calmly.

“I hope you do Tom. If you don’t I will be fuming with madness.” Jamie retorted.

This remark surprised Tom as he had been taught to always take what he was given and not to take more than he knew he would be able to achieve. Tom did think he was in with a chance though but he didn’t want to admit it for fear it would ruin tis dream come true. Jamie did to and this showed greatly through his actions.

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