A young boy’s dream is fulfilled as he goes through years of training but at the last hurdle he becomes injured. An injury that could threaten his career forever.

Thomas wants to be an athlete and begins to train as one when he is talent scouted at his school sports day. 'Believe' tells of his journey to Olympic glory.
It is completely fictional.


6. The Accident

Tom was sitting in the conservatory, next to Anna, on the comfy, blue sofa with the squashy middle. Mum and Dad were talking to them and looked very serious.

“Tom are you listening?” Mum asked, “Pippa is a gorgeous baby but she has been born extremely prematurely. She is going to need a lot of care and nurturing as she will be in hospital for a while. That means Dad and I will be out a lot. Your Auntie Carla will need as much help from us as possible”

“Is that bad?” Tom asked.

“Yes. It will mean being out a lot and having a lot of stress. There’s not much we can do about it though. We just have to cope with it and mould our lives around helping Carla and Pippa. Tom, you will not be able to run at every single race. Anna, your dancing will have to stop!” Mum continued her lecture while Dad sat there backing her up when need be.

“Pippa is your cousin! You must listen to me!” Mum shouted, tears seeping into her eyes as she saw Tom and Anna’s resentment to the circumstances. Tom sat there thinking that even if this new baby was really cute, which Pippa definitely was, why should they cancel his running races? Was it actually worth it? He thought it might be, after some consideration. He could go on his own though.

“She is in hospital; one that is very close by in fact. We will be able to support your Auntie and Uncle and Pippa most of the time; Anna, Tom, we expect you to help us out.”

“Don’t want to! No!” Anna screamed, “I’m carrying on with dancing! I don’t care about this Pippa. I want to dance!”

            Mum sent Anna to her room. Tom just sat there staring into space. Dad sat down next to him and told him not to worry too much about Pippa or his Auntie and Uncle; Mum would take care of that issue at the moment. Then they started a detailed conversation about athletics and Toms training.


               Tom had just been learning about French verbs. Jamie wanted to see him, so Tom excused himself from the lesson and ran down to the track as soon as he could.

“Tom, go and get changed please,” Jamie ordered in a business-like voice. There was a boy standing next to him, who had a coach that looked exactly like Jamie.

“Alright!” Tom replied, wondering what was happening.

             He ran off to get changed. Why were there two other people standing next to Jamie? What were they doing there? Tom had absolutely no idea.

“Right.” Jamie said when Tom came running up a few minutes later, “Tom, get into your usual position in Lane Two. Cal, you can go in Lane five.”

“Jamie,” Tom whispered, “Why’s Cal here? Who is Cal?”

“Never you mind!” Jamie told him, hitting him over the head gently.

“Ready, Set, Go!” screamed Jamie and the other coach that Cal trained with, which Tom had worked out from the way that they talked to each other. Tom was off, he felt like he was on top of the world. He was flying through the sky.

“Go Tom! You’re doing really well!” he heard Jamie shout. Why is Jamie shouting at me Tom thought, and then he realised.


             As Tom crossed the finishing line, he felt a searing pain fly up through his body. Tom dropped to the floor in a dead faint, unconsciously clutching at his ankle.

“Tom? Tom, are you alright?” someone was saying.

“Tom, what happened? Are you awake?”

           Tom opened his eyes, only to see Jamie, Zac, Matt, Cal, Tim and the other coach peering down at him. He closed his eyes again as a wave of nausea hit him.

“I,” Tom stuttered, “I think my ankle might be broken! I felt a searing pain and then I fainted” Tom clutched at his ankle as he rolled over.

“Oh, Tom.” Jamie’s face fell. “I’ll call the ambulance, so that we can have his ankle checked by experts. Before we jump to any major conclusions!”

“Please phone my Dad. He’ll go mad if he comes to pick me up and I’m not here.”  Tom pleaded.

“Alright, we’ll call your Dad for you. Tom, Zac will look after you for the time being.” Jamie gave out some orders and began to jog up to his office to phone for an ambulance.

              Tom lay on the floor, pain weaving in and out of Tom’s body, from his ankle up to his head and back again.

“Owww!” Tom screamed, “This hurts!”

               Zac went and got a cold ice-pack to soothe Tom’s ankle and ease the pain. Zac’s dad was a highly-trained and qualified doctor, so he knew what he was doing and could help Tom when he arrived to collect Zac. Tom felt much better with the ice-pack on his ankle. It wasn’t long before the ambulance men arrived.

“Right Tom. We need you to follow these instructions carefully,” the man said. “Can you wiggle your foot up and down?”

“No, it won’t do it. I can’t.” Tom winced as the man pressed down onto his ankle bone.

“Can you walk on it?”

Tom attempted to stand up and tried to walk but he collapsed straight away.

“No!” Tom screamed in agony.

The ambulance men went to get a stretcher from the car. They put Tom onto it and carried him over to the ambulance.

“Jamie, Zac, you can keep Tom calm throughout the journey.” said the man.

“O.K!” Jamie said. “Tom’s dad is going to meet us at the hospital.”

               The journey was horrendous. On every bridge or speed bump Tom’s ankle got bashed up and down. Zac tried to distract Tom, and Jamie held onto Tom’s hand as he could think of nothing else to do and it seemed to calm down a lot.

              When they got to the hospital Tom went in for an X-ray immediately. Jamie and Zac sat in the waiting area and when Dad arrived they told him what was happening and what Tom had done.

“Poor Tom! Is he alright?” Dad was very concerned about Tom’s health and his physical fitness.

“Well. He’s just gone in for an X-ray, so we don’t actually know yet.” Jamie looked distraught.

He had been hoping that Tom would be alright as an injury could hinder his training, which was improving vastly. Dad went over to the reception desk and asked the lady what was happening to Tom. They told him it was all confidential. He told her very sharply that he was Tom’s dad and should be able to know what was happening to his son. She soon relented, as he was the parent, and told him about the X-ray and how far the procedure had gone.


            After half an hour Tom came out of the X-ray room. Dad rushed over to the women bringing him out on a trolley.

“Is he O.K? What’s happening to him?”

“Who are you?” Nurse Susie asked, cautiously.

“I’m Thomas Starkés dad, Philo.”

“O.K, then.” I’ll tell you as you’re his father. Tom has badly sprained his ankle. He will need to have it in plaster and stay in the hospital to have intensive therapy.” Nurse Susie explained.

“Oh no!” Dad exclaimed. “My dear little boy!”

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