A young boy’s dream is fulfilled as he goes through years of training but at the last hurdle he becomes injured. An injury that could threaten his career forever.

Thomas wants to be an athlete and begins to train as one when he is talent scouted at his school sports day. 'Believe' tells of his journey to Olympic glory.
It is completely fictional.


7. Recovery

It was a week later and Tom was propped up in a pristine clean hospital bed with his ankle wrapped up in an emerald green plaster which Tom had chosen himself. Nearly everyone had signed his plaster. There were a selection of ‘Best mates’, ‘Get well soon’, ‘Keep training’, lots of names and even an ‘I love U’.

               Tom had his MP3 player, a television, lots of books and his Nokia light mobile phone to entertain him but he was still very bored when he was in the hospital without any visitors coming up to see him and talk to him about what was going on in the world.

             Matron Samantha usually did a regular check-up on the ward Tom was on and he liked to talk to her when he was feeling exceptionally bored. She often told him some interesting facts. Sister Chloe would come and sit at the end of Tom’s bed when she had a spare moment or had finished her shift. He really liked her as well, especially as he reminded her of her sister’s son who was overly handsome and cute for a little boy a few years younger than Tom.

            Sister Chloe would ask Tom about athletics and how he managed to run so fast or she would tell him about her daughter, Hannah Jessica, and how mischievous she often was but, however fun an enjoyable he found their chats,  Tom wanted to be out training again.

            When Tom wasn’t training he would be hanging out with his best friend, Olli, and discussing Peakville High School. That’s where Olli went and where Tom should have gone had he not been spotted by Jamie at the Year Six Sports Day.

             Eventually, Tom was allowed out of the hospital and then the plaster was removed. He couldn’t run though as his ankle wasn’t fully healed yet. Tom still had to go for regular health check-ups at the hospital which weren’t too bad as he got to see Matron Samantha and Sister Chloe.

           Tom sat around chatting to Olli at home and when he would normally have been training. From time to time he would watch Zac train and try to pick up any tips that Jamie taught Zac which would also benefit him.

            On Tom’s final check-up, Nurse Lucie told him that he would be able to run again but only gently and fairly slowly and that he could resume his training gradually.

           Tom was so pleased that he gave an astonished Nurse Lucie a massive hug for breaking the great news to him, and as he was leaving the hospital with Dad, they noticed Nurse Susie, who had given Tom an X-ray before he was diagnosed. Tom gave Nurse Susie a massive hug too.

               Then, Tom ran all the way home from the hospital. (It was only about a ten minute drive.) Dad drove home in the car as he wasn’t up to running all that way anymore even if Tom was. Anyway, the car would come in useful if Tom decided to stop running half way home!


The next day, Tom was allowed to return to training as his parents thought he should. He needed to get back into the habit of going to training and doing athletics.

“Tom! Your back already!” Zac cried.

“Tom’s back?” questioned Jamie, not believing Zac. He often tried to play practical jokes on him.

“Yeah.” Zac shouted, not really listening, as he ran straight towards Tom.

“Wow! Tom, can you run? Are you alright?” Jamie shot a string of questions at Tom before he could go over to explain everything properly.

“Yes! I’m allowed to run but I can only return to training gradually. I’m alright too! Nothing too serious thankfully!” Tom told Jamie.

Then, he ran back over to Zac.

“Zac! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine Tom. You look so much better already!” Zac eyed Tom up and down. “You really are coming on, after such a horrendous injury too.”

“Are you two coming down to my running practice today or are you going to stand there gossiping all day? Get a move on!” Jamie screamed.

“Coming!” Zac called.

            The two boy’s made their way down to the track and Jamie got them to jog slowly around the track and then to do some simple stretches. Then, he took them to the fitness centre across the road, which contained a gym, a swimming pool, a sauna and many other fitness centre facilities.

“Here are some trunks and goggles,” Jamie handed them a set each “Go and get changed now!”

            In the changing room Tom asked Zac if he knew why they were going swimming for the morning. Zac had no idea, so when they crept into the pool, they were very cautious about what surrounded them and what might be about to happen.

“Right then!” boomed a voice from behind them.

Tom and Zac jumped out of their skin. Who could it be? It didn’t sound like anyone they knew and there was no one in sight.

“Today’s training is going to be slightly different. We have three aspects to look at. They are: How much stamina you have, how fit and supple you are and how well your body can work under pressure.” boomed the voice again.

              Tom turned round to see Jamie sitting on the steps, holding a megaphone to his lips.

“Jamie!” Tom let out a burst of laughter, losing his balance and falling backwards into the water, spraying Zac. Zac turned round.

“Jamie! What was that for?” Zac looked very upset.

“This is a day full of surprises!” Jamie said mysteriously.

            So, they began the day by swimming four lengths of the pool. Tom loved swimming so this exercise was easy for him even though he had had a broken ankle. Zac struggled more as he was a runner not a swimmer but Jamie was still very pleased with them both.

                Then they had an underwater test. Tom and Zac had to stay under the water for as long as they possibly could. This would prove how fit their lungs were as well as their capacity for holding oxygen in their lungs.

“Ready, Set, Go!” shouted Jamie.

            Tom and Zac dived into and under the water. They both stayed there for over a minute. At 1 minute 17 seconds, Zac arose from the water with a huge gasp from lack of air. A few seconds later, at 1 minute 26 seconds, Tom arose, spraying water everywhere and gasping for air.

“Well done!” Jamie said, “You’re both doing really well!”

              Jamie told Tom and Zac that they could mess about for a bit so and have some free time in the pool and even though they were both fifteen years old, they did.

                 After that, Jamie told them it was time to get out so that they could for a bite of lunch. It had been such exhausting work that they were both glad to be getting out so that they could eat and refuel themselves. Tom ate such a hearty lunch that he was very shocked at himself.

             Jamie ordered white baguettes filled with egg and cress mayonnaise, sausage rolls, three apples,  a box of cherries,  a slice of chocolate cake each and a glass of lemonade each. Tom ate everything he was given and anything anyone else didn’t want.

              In the afternoon, Zac and Tom were set a workout in the gym. Tom was told to do it but stop if he felt any pain. Jamie couldn’t afford to let Tom become injured again, this recovery was vital. The boys had to work on the treadmill for half an hour, lift a set of ten kilogram weights for fifteen minutes, continuously, and complete the rowing practice machine for half an hour and another hour working at the treadmill. By the end of the day, Tom was worn out and needed along rest.

“Tom, how is your ankle? You haven’t complained about it yet!”

“It’s fine! I think it might be better now!”

“So I thought. I knew a day at the fitness centre would restore all its energy and well-being.”

               Jamie took the boy’s back across to the training ground where Dad was waiting to take Tom and Zac home. Dad was glad to see Tom looking much better than before the accident. The boy’s hopped into the car, flopping lazily against the soft leather seat and Dad drove them home.

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