A young boy’s dream is fulfilled as he goes through years of training but at the last hurdle he becomes injured. An injury that could threaten his career forever.

Thomas wants to be an athlete and begins to train as one when he is talent scouted at his school sports day. 'Believe' tells of his journey to Olympic glory.
It is completely fictional.


10. Reality is a shock

It was the day of Tom’s Olympics. He was going to run the men’s 100 metres today. Tom had flown through all of the heats, each time he beat all the other competitors by a long way. Mum and Dad were very proud of him. Jamie was very proud of him and so was Anna.

They were all sitting in the arena, waiting for Tom’s race to start. Mum, Dad, Anna and Jamie were very anxious about how well Tom would do as he would be racing against star athletes. Tom was good but he was only a boy still. It would be wrong to overestimate him, especially at this stage of his life and in this situation. In the OLYMPICS!!!

“In lane one we have Michael Jonas from South Africa. He has taken part in many Olympic Games and he has won many medals in his running career.” boomed the commentators from their little box in the roof, at the top of the arena.

“In lane two we have seventeen year old Thomas Starkés who is representing the United Kingdom. It is his first ever Olympic games; however he shows a lot of promise.” Tom’s supporters clapped and cheered at this.

The other competitors were announced as Christophe Rousell of France, Ferdinand Pisces of Italy, Vazai Sprint of Jamaica and Alexis Petra of Russia.

 Tom was warming up by the start line. He did the special stretches that Jamie had taught him and jogged around the track as best as he could. The other competitors just stared at him. They made Tom feel awkward and inadequate in this strange world of sport where everyone seemed superior and more mature than he was. Eventually, he was ready. The official made sure that all the competitors were ready and then……

“Ready, Set, Go!” screamed the official as his gun went Bang! Tom was off, as fast as electricity, even faster than electricity. He was like an eagle, soaring above everyone and waiting for his moment to dive and gain the prize. Mum and Dad were cheering.

“Tom, Tom, Tom!” chanted Anna.

Jamie just sat there, oblivious to all the noise around him. He was hoping that Tom would win. The words were printed all over him; on his face and the way in which he was acting.

Tom came over to the group after his race was over.

“Guess where I came!” Tom whispered. Without giving anyone a chance to answer, Tom screamed “I came first!”

At these words Jamie leapt up off his seat and gave Tom an enormous hug.

“You did it! We did it! I can’t believe it!” Jamie shouted, jumping up and down excitedly.

“Tom! My son! You got a gold medal… and I can’t run for toffee!” Mum exclaimed.

“Tom! Your going to make us famous, you silly boy!” Dad joked.

“Tom! Tom!” Anna chanted, trying to show everyone that she was Tom’s sister. The winner’s sister!

 Tom couldn’t believe it. He had beaten all the other competitors, those great runners, by a few milliseconds and it had been noticed. Been noticed by the greats among athletics.

                                               * * *

“Jamie” Tom said “I don’t know how to tell you this but a Mr Beeching offered to train me. He said that he trains children to be Olympic athletes like me but none of them are as brilliant as I am.” Tom sat down suddenly, as though he had just realised that Jamie wouldn’t be teaching him anymore and he would no longer see Zac or Matt, that he was an Olympic athlete and now a hero in the sporting world.

“Oh no he won’t!” Jamie burst out. He ran off as fast as he could to find Mr Beeching so that he could tell him that the offer would be declined and to give him a piece of his mind. Mum and Dad just stood there.

“Lizzie, I think that Tom should go to training with this Mr Beeching,” Dad said quietly and quickly.

“Me too. It would be a great chance for Tom. I wouldn’t want him to miss something like this.” Mum replied, “Look, he’s over there isn’t he?”

Tom sprinted over to where Mr Beeching stood and asked him to come over and speak to his parents about training with him. Tom’s Mum and Dad came over straight away, before Jamie had managed to talk to Mr Beeching, or find him for that matter.

“Mr Beeching,” began Mum.

“You can call me Lewis,” Mr Beeching interrupted.

“O.K. Lewis, we think that Tom should come and train with you. He informed us of the discussion you had had together.”

“That is wonderful. He can start whenever he wants to.” Mr Beeching told Mum and, with a last glance at Tom, he walked away.

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