A young boy’s dream is fulfilled as he goes through years of training but at the last hurdle he becomes injured. An injury that could threaten his career forever.

Thomas wants to be an athlete and begins to train as one when he is talent scouted at his school sports day. 'Believe' tells of his journey to Olympic glory.
It is completely fictional.


5. Real Talent

Tom was now fourteen and he had won many first, second and third medals recently, attending almost every athletics event that had been hosted in and around the area he lived in. However, there was one event where this didn’t occur. Tom loved the feeling of going up to the podium and receiving a medal of any colour. It filled him with exhilaration and joy at the talent he had.

          It was a cold, rainy day and Tom felt peculiar, to match the weather.

“Dad, Can you call Jamie and tell him I feel ill and won’t be able to run today?” Tom called croakily from his bed. “I really don’t want to run today.”

“Tom, you are not missing the race today. You’re perfectly alright. Fresh air will do you a lot of good.” Dad shouted back, “And I’m definitely not calling Jamie!”

            So a few hours later, Dad was driving Tom down to Saffron Park Lane where Jamie was going to meet them. All the way down to the stadium Tom complained about feeling ill.

             When they arrived, Jamie called out to greet them, “Tom, Philo! How nice to see you. Are you ready for the race, Tom?”

“No, I feel absolutely awful!” Tom tried to pull a sick face but Jamie still couldn’t be fooled. He knew when eyes weren’t really tired, a face that wasn’t actually tinted green.

              For the rest of the morning Tom watched all the other competitors’ race. Everybody seemed to run so fast, and this made him feel very dizzy, like he was caught up in a whirlwind, spinning at over one hundred miles an hour.

Suddenly, the official shouted;

“All competitors for the boy’s 100 metres please go to the start line.”

“Go on Tom! Just run your best like you always do,” Dad told Tom. Jamie said the exact same thing as his dad had. Tom stood up, dizzily, and stumbled down the steps.

“He looks a bit wobbly doesn’t he?” Dad said.

“Yes, I hope he’s alright.” Jamie replied, starting to feel a little concerned as he recalled what Tom had said about feeling ill.

                Tom stood in lane two, warming up. He felt sick. He didn’t want to run. He didn’t feel like running.

“Ready, Set, Go!” screamed the official.

               Tom was off but he wasn’t going very fast. It was hard work and Tom felt like he was collapsing. Soon enough he finished the race and immediately he fell onto the track and threw up. He rolled over and started shaking uncontrollably. Dad ran down from where he had been watching and sped over to Tom who was now curled up in the middle of the track.

“Tom, Tom, it’s alright! Dad’s here.”

“Uh? I feel sick!” Tom mumbled.

                 Then, he rolled over and threw up again. Dad decided it was time to go home and put Tom to bed.

“Jamie, I’m going to take Tom home now. He’s very ill!”

           Dad grabbed Tom’s bag and helped Tom to his feet. They made their way to the car and Dad drove home quickly, but within the speed limit. Mum was waiting for them when they arrived home. “How did you do Tom?” Mum asked, “You look a bit green.”

“He has been sick twice already!” Dad whispered to Mum.

“Bed!” ordered Mum, “A hot water bottle and a warm cup of lemsip. That’s what he needs!”

              Mum helped Tom to his feet and pulled him up the stairs. Very soon he was tucked up in bed. He fell asleep straight away. Later in the evening, Mum popped a hot water by Tom’s feet and a polystyrene cup of lemsip on the bedside table for when Tom woke up.

                When Tom eventually did wake up, Anna was lying at the end of his bed, on top of his feet.

“Anna! What ya doin’ in me bed?” he croaked, groggily.

“Keeping your feet warm!” Anna replied brightly.

Mum walked in to Tom’s room at that very moment.

“Anna, go downstairs and eat your breakfast. You’ll be late for school if you don’t hurry up. Tom you need to go and have a nice hot bath!”

           Tom had a bath but afterwards he wrapped himself in a warm, thick blanket and watched T.V for the rest of the day when his family weren’t bothering him and asking him if he was okay. A few hours later, when Jamie rang, Dad found out that Tom had come fourth.

“Tom, you came fourth! Well done!” Dad was pleased with Tom as he had been ill when he was running. Dad told Mum and they were both very impressed. They agreed that Tom had an amazing talent for running.

He had also made very good friends with Zac; an equal talent to him. A strong friendship they both hoped would last.

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