A young boy’s dream is fulfilled as he goes through years of training but at the last hurdle he becomes injured. An injury that could threaten his career forever.

Thomas wants to be an athlete and begins to train as one when he is talent scouted at his school sports day. 'Believe' tells of his journey to Olympic glory.
It is completely fictional.


4. For The Experience

       It was a few months after the first day of Tom’s training. Tom was getting on really well and Jamie had suggested putting him in for his first competition. He was ready to compete; Tom was thrilled that Jamie finally thought he was capable of doing this. Tom was only going to run in the 100 metres. Jamie wanted to show other people, especially the other trainers, how fantastic Tom’s talent was.


When they arrived at the stadium where the competition was being held Tom began to feel nervous. He had never run in front of such a large group of people. Would he be able to perform still? He didn’t know.

“Jamie, are you sure I’ll be able to do this?” Tom asked nervously.

“Of course, you’ll be fine.” Jamie replied. He had great confidence in Tom.


“Can all competitors for the boy’s 100 metres go to the start line, please.” shouted the official.

Tom slowly stood up and Zac pushed him forwards.

“Go on Tom, you can do this!” Zac said, boosting Tom’s confidence a bit. He could do this for Zac.

      As Tom made his way down to the track he eyed the other boy’s who were going to be running against him. Jamie had told him to do this so that he had an idea of the other boy’s talents and skills. Most of the boy’s looked very fast, much faster than he was anyway. They were all tall and slim with large muscles in their arms and legs.

“Thomas Starkés, lane two” bellowed the official.

         Tom got into his position and did a few stretches to get him warmed-up. It was what Jamie had told him to do and it made him feel calmer.

 “On your marks!” screamed the official.

Then, ‘Bang’, the gun went and the race began.

           Tom was off, as fast as a bolt of lightening. Jamie and Zac were yelling at Tom;

“Go Tom, Come on Tom! You’re nearly there!”

              Tom crossed the finish line second after another boy, or so he thought. The judges couldn’t decide who to put first from consulting the monitors which recorded the race so they went into a private discussion to watch the re-play and confer.

              Tom headed back towards Jamie and Zac and he told them what was happening.

“Never mind, Tom. You ran as well as you could. I’m really proud of you.” Jamie congratulated Tom.

“Thank you.” Tom said.

               Five minutes later, the results of the boy’s 100 metres came over the loudspeakers. Tom and Jamie listened earnestly.

“In third place with the bronze medal……Samuel Barnes, Second place with silver is……Thomas Starkés……”

“Oh no!” Tom gulped his head in his hands.

“Tom, it’s alright,” Jamie patted his back. “It was only a race after all. It wasn’t the Olympics now, was it? It’s only your first competitive race after all.”


            After the competition had finished and the medals were about to be presented, Dad turned up.

“How did you do Tom?”

“Alright, I came second.”

“Wow!” Dad was so proud of his son.

Jamie nudged Tom. It was time for the boy’s 100 metres medals.

“A bronze medal goes to…Samuel Barnes!” the official bellowed, handing a bronze medal to a small, dark boy.

“A silver medal goes to…Thomas Starkés!” the official announced, handing Tom the silver medal. Dad, Jamie, Zac and many other spectators were clapping and cheering for Tom. Tom felt very special.

“Well done, son!” Dad said, feeling slightly out of place. “It is time to go now though. We have to go and pick Anna up from her dance lesson.”

“Bye Tom. See you next week!” Jamie waved goodbye. Dad and Tom got into the car and drove to the dance school to find Anna had been taken home by her best friends mum so they proceeded to go straight home.

  “Mum, Anna!” screamed Tom, “I came second and I got this amazing silver medal.” Tom was bursting with the news. Mum and Anna came down from where they had been sorting her dance clothes out.

“Wow, Tom! That’s amazing!” Mum gave Tom a huge hug. Anna just stood there squealing with joy, happy as a little flower on a bright, sunny day, for Tom.

         At dinner time, they discussed Tom’s progress and if he should carry on with his training or not.

“It is waste of time. Your not going to be an athlete for a living, are you Tom?” Mum asked. “You should get a proper education so that you can get a decent job that’s secure.”

Dad had a similar idea to Mum.

“Tom, what would you like to do? What is your decision?” Dad questioned.

“I want to carry on! I am learning a lot and I believe that Jamie is helping me to discover my brilliant talent. It is what I’ve waited for, for a long time,” Tom sounded so desperate that Mum and Dad decided to let him continue. They didn’t want to destroy Tom’s dreams. They would support him if it was what he wanted.









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