A young boy’s dream is fulfilled as he goes through years of training but at the last hurdle he becomes injured. An injury that could threaten his career forever.

Thomas wants to be an athlete and begins to train as one when he is talent scouted at his school sports day. 'Believe' tells of his journey to Olympic glory.
It is completely fictional.


11. Finale

It was the end of the 100 metre races. The medals were about to be given out to the winners. Tom and his family were sitting nervously in their seats. Tom kept glancing around at all the spectators and wondered what they thought of him, a winner. A man came over and tapped Tom on the shoulder. He was dressed in a suit and looked like a professional of some sort.

“You need to go down to the edge of the podium, sir. For the presentation of the medals.”

Tom stood up and made his way down to the first place podium and stood behind it.

“A bronze medal goes to Michael Jonas of South Africa.” announced the commentator.

“A silver medal goes to Vazai Bolt of Jamaica.” applause drowned out the speech of the commentator.

“And a gold medal goes to Thomas Starkés of the United Kingdom.” said the commentator, accompanied by a lot of roaring and screaming. The winner was from home turf after all.

The national anthem began to play and Tom sang along happily. The flags rose and Tom ran to his family, hugging the gold Olympic medal to his chest. He couldn't believe that it was his. It belonged to him. He could keep it forever as a momentum of his Olympic dream.

Tom went home with his family and started to watch the television. It was hard work being an Olympic athlete. Mum, Dad and Anna brought him lots of things to eat and drink like lemonade; to make sure he didn’t dehydrate after running so fast; chocolate; to keep his sugar levels up and lots of crisps; for Tom to eat as he loved them and he deserved a treat.

Anna kept on asking if he wanted anything too. Tom just said no! He was happy to rest and not focus on being motivated and working hard.

The next day Tom returned to training and all of his friends congratulated him. Jamie took him for some extra private training as he was hoping to enter Tom in the next World Championships. Jamie didn’t know that Mr Beeching would come to his office and want to speak to him about Tom or that the discussion would involve the desire of Tom's parents for him to attend training with Mr  Beeching and that Mr Beeching would ask to take Tom for training sessions from the following day.


That night Tom and his friends from training, school and his family had a big celebratory party. They had races, which Tom always won. They played pass the parcel which Zac won though it was only a pack of pens. Then, they watched a recent game of football that one of the boy’s father's had recorded and had a few debates over that.

Eventually, Tom decided that it was time to have some food. They ate hotdogs, chips covered with salt, Prawn Cocktail crisps, mini sausage rolls, chocolate fingers and mini muffins, all from Marks and Spencer’s. It was the perfect way to celebrate all the achievements of the summer.

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