He's a great roomate

This is not my story!!!!!!! Give credit to mrsstyles_mrshoran


1. Chapter 1: My Roomate

"Lola's P.O.V."


My name is Lola Flynn 

I'm 18 at collage. It's my first day here and it's already 11:36 PM yet my roomate is nowhere to be found This school is strange, in the sense that you have to room with your opposite gender, and share a bed with them.

I don't even know the name of my roomate and I'm starting to wonder if I even have one. My first class starts at noon tomorrow, so maybe some sleep would be a good idea.

We have those bunk beds but there is just a top bunk and the bottom is a computer desk thingy.

I climbed up the ladder and hopped in underneath my sheets closing my eyes slowly falling asleep

. *about 3 hours later*

I hear the door opening and closing, but stil being half asleep, I shake it off and fall back into my deep sleep.

*10 minutes later*

I wake up to a bring flash in my eyes and someone saying, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwweeee." "What the hell man?" i ask angrily "Oh sorry did I wake you? it's just you are really cute when you sleep and I wanted to take a picture." a guy said with an adorable British accent. Creepy much?

"Do you see any of my parts because I'm...Kinda.....ah.....um...Naked...." I said kind of, or extremely rather, embarrassed but my eyes are still closed.

"No," he said quickly "Oh thank goodness. That would've been embarrassing." i said, sighing in relief. "Yeah.." he said awkwardly "well when are you planning to go to sleep?" I asked trying to be polite. I do have to share a bed with him after all.

"Oh i was thinking now if that's OK with you. "Sure it is." I say as he lays down next to me facing the other way. I quickly fall asleep to a.....nightmare. *Lola's nightmare in Lola's P.O.V.* I'm in the forest at night very scared, I hear leaves crunching but i'm not walking. At this point I started to walk fastly causing the person behind me go faster, Now I'm running and so are they. I keep running as fast as I can until I trip, "Shit" i mumbled. They got me. I started screaming as they began to shake me.
*Harry's P.O.V.*

My new roomate starts to scream. I get up and try to wake her. "Don't kill me!" she muttered "What?" i asked confused "S-stop!" she stuttered, wincing. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you! I promise! Wake up now," i cooed. Her eyes opened and she looked at me before speaking. "Thank you and I'm sorry it was just a really, really bad dream." "Don't worry it's okay. Do you want to cuddle?" I asked trying to be nice. Isn't that what you do in movies and books when the other person is having a nightmare? "Yes please." she said as she cuddled up to me and put her face in the crook of my neck, I wrap my arms around her and then realized we are both naked...AWKWARD,.... But she didn't seem to care so I just ignored it too. Then we quickly fell asleep together

*9:30 am* *Lola's P.O.V.*

I woke up to smell of something good. I sit up and yawn while stretching. I got up out of the bed and walked over to my wardrobe. For awhile, I sat there and pndered on what to wear. I decided on some denim shorts, grey and white tank top, and of course my black converse high tops. I walked into the kitchen where the smell was coming from. All I can see is a naked male in front of the stove.

Someone likes to make themselves at home.

"You must be my new roomate?" i ask, really hoping the answer is yes. "Yeah I'm harry and may I ask what your name is love?" the naked british guy said in his sexy morning voice. "Lola flynn," i said shyly "um... if you want some breakfast it's done," he said turning around exposing himself. "I would love to have some but if you don't mind would you be able to put some pants on or at least some underwear." "Oh right! sorry! I'll be back."

he said as he entered another room. I grabbed a plate and start filling it with some food. He came back with some boxers on. "Is that better?' he smirked. "Yes thank you. I don't really care if you are walking around here naked but when i'm here please put on some boxers at least." I stated, setting out our first rule. "Oh i get it, I distract you too much when I'm naked. Sorry." he said smirking. "Well....." I said blushing as he starts to chuckle. I sat down at the table and began to eat. Harry sat acroos from me.

"So tell me about yourself." he asked, or said. "Um, like what do you want to know?" I asked not really being able to come up with anything. "I don't know...do you have a boyfriend?" he said smiling. I started smiling like a idiot and started blushing. I think he might be flirting with me.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

Lola and I were asking each other questions while we ate breakfast. Ok half of the time I was trying to flirt with her because she's so drop dead gorgeous; Just look at her! Those beautiful blue eyes that i can look for hours and then there's her long blonde hair which currently in a messy bun. I wish I could just cuddle with her forever. I know we only met but i want to date her already but I don't Want to come on too strong "harry?" lola asks waving her hand in my face "Huh....what..." I said snapping out of my thoughts.

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