My BIG Journey

'Sorry Alicia! My camera won't work!' I said into my computer screen.
'Sorry love... but who's Alicia?'
I froze... my camera wasn't working and all the person could hear was me... speaking.
"Umm-uhh... I'm terrib-bly sorry, I m-must have the w-wrong Skype!' I stuttered.
This guy was completely hot... and I knew him from somewhere...
"What's your name?" his british accent asked me.
"Evie" I waited for a response
"What a lovely name! I just wish that I could see your face!"
This was just my lucky day that he didn't see me... VERY lucky. Being obese isn't easy...
"Anyways, I know you are probably beautiful!" The guy smiled.
'Pssssh... yeah right' I thought to myself. But it felt good to hear someone say such a thing.. I've never heard the word beautiful being spoken to me.
I laughed and smiled.
"I love your laugh, too!"
"My name is....'

Read to find out who this guy is and follow Evie on her BIG journey. :)


31. Starting a New Love Story :)

Hi There :) how are you?

I'm just here to inform you that I'm going to create a new love story on this profile (of course).

It's already written, but the chapters will be quite short so that I can update more frequently for yousss. :)

I'll post the first few chapters tomorrow so that you guys can get a thought on what it's going to be about ; but the title will be quite obvious... hahhh <<

Also, One Direction WILL NOT be apart of this story. I wanted to try something new, and most love stories on Movellas are fanfics with 1D in it, so maybe you'll like it...  I dunno :3


Thanks for reading as always, and look for the title 'The Break-Up' on my profile which is coming soon :)



"Live for the thrill of being thrilled." -Sierra Renee <3


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