My BIG Journey

'Sorry Alicia! My camera won't work!' I said into my computer screen.
'Sorry love... but who's Alicia?'
I froze... my camera wasn't working and all the person could hear was me... speaking.
"Umm-uhh... I'm terrib-bly sorry, I m-must have the w-wrong Skype!' I stuttered.
This guy was completely hot... and I knew him from somewhere...
"What's your name?" his british accent asked me.
"Evie" I waited for a response
"What a lovely name! I just wish that I could see your face!"
This was just my lucky day that he didn't see me... VERY lucky. Being obese isn't easy...
"Anyways, I know you are probably beautiful!" The guy smiled.
'Pssssh... yeah right' I thought to myself. But it felt good to hear someone say such a thing.. I've never heard the word beautiful being spoken to me.
I laughed and smiled.
"I love your laugh, too!"
"My name is....'

Read to find out who this guy is and follow Evie on her BIG journey. :)


7. Our Conversations <3

"Uh, hey Liam!" I smiled nervously.

"Well isn't it just great to hear your lovely voice," he said to me, chuckling.

I felt my cheeks heat up quickly, and I just looked down, still smiling like a stinkin' idiot.

"Thanks, it's real nice to hear yours too," I said confidently.

Yeah Evie! Right on! :)

"Yeah... today really wasn't the best day for me..."

I could tell, he looked tired, like the life was drained out of him.

"Why? What's wrong?"

He hesitated.

"I don't even know if I should be telling you things like this... but I feel as though I can trust you... well, can I?

"Hmmm, I don't know, can you?"

"Well... you do seem like a loving person, and right now I need all the help I can get from someone who doesn't know me as the famous Liam Payne from One Direction."


I froze instantly.

One Direction?!

This guy is filthy famous! Almost every girl in my school talks about him and his band and his songs.

He apparently has a soothing voice... we'll see about that!

"Well... that's very surprising!" I laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

"It must be for you... maybe I shouldn't have told you that... will you treat me any differently? Even if I am a jerk? Will you yell at me when I mess up?"


"I solemnly promise to treat you as an average everyday person who is NOT famous," I said reassuringly," And I would pinky promise with you, but of course, I'm looking at you through a pizza-lickin' computer scr-"


"Pizza-licking?" he asked, laughing loudly.

"Is there something wrong Sir Pizza-Licker?" I asked in a humorous tone.

He continued to laugh and held his stomach as he toppled off of his computer chair.

I giggled at his cute little manly laugh.

"Liam Payne! Don't die!" I said laughing, starting to hold my sides from laughter as well.

He was on the floor now, still crackin' up like a stinkin' pizza-licker.


"Pizza-licker!" he yelled at the ceiling.

"What kind of a PIZZA-LICKIN' word is pizza-licker?"

Oh my golly... this guy has GOT to get control of himself.

I mean, I REALLY can't take it when other people laugh their hearts out. It makes me crack up and die as well!

"Hey! Pizza-licker is a very sophisticated word you PIZZA-LICKER. And I use it as a substitute for other inappropriate wordssss.... that I don't use!"


After a lot of the corniest jokes about my substituted 'bad word', this Liam Payne guy finally got back up and just stared into the his camera, right at me.

"You truly are something Evie... no one in my life has EVER made me laugh as hard as you did tonight... and it makes me wonder about you."

My heart immediately started racing, I have never in my life had this feeling come from anyone before.

"I just really wish that I could see you... that would be my only wish." He smiled and looked down at his lap.

"Trust me, it's better off WITHOUT you seeing me,"  I thought.



"So how's about tomorrow, same time? I'm off of work for two weeks for some family time."

"I would absolutely love to talk to you again," I said, laughing just a bit.

"Perfect! So i'll talk you tomorrow, okay love?"

The way he calls me love... I mean, DANG.

"You got it pizza-licker!"

Liam chuckled and looked into that camera again, gazing into my eyes.

"Bye." I smiled.

"Talk to you tomorrow."



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