My BIG Journey

'Sorry Alicia! My camera won't work!' I said into my computer screen.
'Sorry love... but who's Alicia?'
I froze... my camera wasn't working and all the person could hear was me... speaking.
"Umm-uhh... I'm terrib-bly sorry, I m-must have the w-wrong Skype!' I stuttered.
This guy was completely hot... and I knew him from somewhere...
"What's your name?" his british accent asked me.
"Evie" I waited for a response
"What a lovely name! I just wish that I could see your face!"
This was just my lucky day that he didn't see me... VERY lucky. Being obese isn't easy...
"Anyways, I know you are probably beautiful!" The guy smiled.
'Pssssh... yeah right' I thought to myself. But it felt good to hear someone say such a thing.. I've never heard the word beautiful being spoken to me.
I laughed and smiled.
"I love your laugh, too!"
"My name is....'

Read to find out who this guy is and follow Evie on her BIG journey. :)


39. Chapter 31

Before I knew it I was graduating. Throwing my cap in the air and cheering with my classmates. I was not the same person who had started the school year. I had shed many pounds and had gotten an amazing boyfriend. Everything was perfect.

"Good luck Evie," Justin said as he walked by me to most likely to go off to a party. I was off to the airport to spend the summer with Liam and the boys. The best summer of my life is awaiting. My mother and father waited in the car and I got in. Quickly switching out of my gown I slipped into a pair of sweats and a simple tee shirt. Excitement filled me as we neared the airport. In a mere few hours I would be with Liam. Liam, the sweet, sweet boy who brought out the real me. The boy who saved me when I was trapped within myself. I felt more confident when I was around him. Liam made me feel so beautiful in this ugly world, and when I was with him I felt like the only girl in this world. I also had a surprise for Liam, but I told him to wait until we were face to face.

"Evie," my mom turned around and smiled at me as we pulled up into the airport," We are here." A smile spread across my face, and my father opened the hatch of the car, taking out my suitcases. Inside the place was packed, people running around attempting to make their flights and get a start to their summer vacation. When I finally got to my terminal I turned to my parents. My mother attempted to fight the tears as she pulled a smile. My father held her close with a smile. I hugged them both and as I was about to leave a large hand grasped my wrist.


"Evie, I am going to miss you so much. Just know how proud we are of you. I mean look at you! You have become an amazing young lady. And you are going to do well in this world. I love you so much Evie, and I know that I haven't always been the best father, but you, Evie, you make me want to be a better person. A better father," and at that moment I saw something that I had never in my life seen before. My father cried while pulling me into a hug, and he rubbed small circles into the middle of my back.

"And Evie, you are going to be a sister," My mother rubbed her stomach. My mouth opened wide, but nothing came out. I was in shock and all I could do was squeal and squeeze my mom.

"Congratulations," I held her tight as I heard my flight being called," I will call you soon. I love you guys." And with that I boarded the airplane. The flight took off and the place I grew up in disappeared behind me. I closed my eyes knowing that the next thing I would see is the London skyline.


"The current time is 8:07 am and we are now landing. I want to personally thank you for flying with us. And I hope that you have enjoyed your flight. Thank you for flying British Airways." Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I grabbed my bag and headed out. Expecting to see the boys when I got off, there stood a man with a sign and my bags. Slightly disappointed, I walked over to him.

"You must be Evie," he said happily," I am Paul. The lads are finishing up at the studio, so they sent me. You must be tired, so why don't we get you into the car?" His accent was apparent, and made me miss Liam more. Longing to hear him say my name, longing to feel his touch. The care ride was short, and when we finally pulled into a large apartment building, or flat as Liam would say. Paul grabbed me bags, and we headed up two flights of stairs. Paul raised his large hand knocking loudly on the door," They must still me at the studio." Something in his voice indicated that he was hiding something, I could feel it as he reached into his pocket and grabbed his set of keys. The door opened to a large, dark apartment. That was until the lights flicked on and Liam and the boys popped out from all corners of the room.

"Evie," they cheered and one by one the welcomed me with open arms. Liam took me into his arms, kissing me passionately.

"Alright, save it for tonight," Louis joked patting Liam on the shoulder. I felt my cheeks blush a deep red as he walked away.

"So," I started as I put my bag down on the floor," My surprise for you....I know you have been waiting for awhile now...."

"Just get to it," Niall cut me off, anxiety filling him.

"I got accepted into college...In London. I will be attending school this fall in London." 

"That's great news!" Liam said pulling me into another kiss. That night was filled with celebration and I was again with Liam. Nothing was better then being in this moment. And to think that this all started with a Skype call, and now I am with the love of my life. This has been a hard year. This has been a year of My Big Journey.




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