My BIG Journey

'Sorry Alicia! My camera won't work!' I said into my computer screen.
'Sorry love... but who's Alicia?'
I froze... my camera wasn't working and all the person could hear was me... speaking.
"Umm-uhh... I'm terrib-bly sorry, I m-must have the w-wrong Skype!' I stuttered.
This guy was completely hot... and I knew him from somewhere...
"What's your name?" his british accent asked me.
"Evie" I waited for a response
"What a lovely name! I just wish that I could see your face!"
This was just my lucky day that he didn't see me... VERY lucky. Being obese isn't easy...
"Anyways, I know you are probably beautiful!" The guy smiled.
'Pssssh... yeah right' I thought to myself. But it felt good to hear someone say such a thing.. I've never heard the word beautiful being spoken to me.
I laughed and smiled.
"I love your laugh, too!"
"My name is....'

Read to find out who this guy is and follow Evie on her BIG journey. :)


26. Chapter 22- Harry Styles and Pie.. <<

I am still in the trunk... and it's been twenty minutes.

I know that it sounds weird, but I brought my stuffed giraffe with me in my school..

I just have an attachment to it is all... NOT a big deal.. kinda..


Oh no, we've come to a stop... I think that I'm going to throw up...

When he opened the trunk, I stepped out calmly, trying to relax.


"You alright love?" he questioned worriedly.

Glaring at him, I punched him square in the nose.

He groaned while doubling over.

I started to run.

Until again, I felt him drag me back by my waist.

We were in a forest... why were we in a forest?!


After continuously trying to get out of his arms, I gave up.

"GOODNESS gracious! Why won't you let me go?" I asked annoyed.

"Because Liam needs you, WE need you," he simply stated.


"Yeah, Liam hasn't been the same without you for the last four months, and we all came over here with him to help find you so he will stop moaping around."

Yet again, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.


"Listen buddy, you better let me go righ-" he threw me over his shoulder... again.

"Hey bab-"

"My name's not babe, it's Evie..." I murmured while blowing a piece of hair out of my eyes.

"Yeah.. why are you carrying a giraffe?"

I made myself cough.
"It's none of your beeswax." I stated embarrassed.

He chuckled.

"You're so cute! You don't even curse or say anything offensive... you should kiss me right now!" he laughed.


Just unbelievable.


After walking for a little longer, he set me down while looking at me in the eyes.

"You're free to go princess," he winked.

This guy though...

I slapped him, HARD.

Right across his smirking face, and just listening to that satisfying 'smack,' I just had to congratulate myself.

"Yessss..." I whispered while smiling. (yeahh... you know that 'yessss' that you do..sometimes.)

He laughed once again while pulling me close to him.


"You better not-"

Harry Styles was kissing me... DISGUSTING.

"You're wasting my time..." I spit in his face while pushing him back.

Kneeing him in his 'special spot,' I walked towards the front door of the mansion that he brought me to.

Ringing on the doorbell, I glared back him.

He was lying on the grass with his eyes squeezed tight, yet he still managed to flirt.

"Feisty one, eh?"

I rolled my eyes, until the door opened.


I think I just got pied!

'HA HA evil stranger! That'll teach you- oh..." the man wearing stripes spoke.


I shook my head slowly at my bad luck while wiping the cherry jam out of my eyes.




Yeah... I had to write more because I didn't want to leave you guys hanging... that would be RUDE. :}

Continue commenting "Liam <3" and "Harry <3"

Well... I guess you can add "Louis <3" now. <<<

Gracias for reading ;) -CeCe :)



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