My BIG Journey

'Sorry Alicia! My camera won't work!' I said into my computer screen.
'Sorry love... but who's Alicia?'
I froze... my camera wasn't working and all the person could hear was me... speaking.
"Umm-uhh... I'm terrib-bly sorry, I m-must have the w-wrong Skype!' I stuttered.
This guy was completely hot... and I knew him from somewhere...
"What's your name?" his british accent asked me.
"Evie" I waited for a response
"What a lovely name! I just wish that I could see your face!"
This was just my lucky day that he didn't see me... VERY lucky. Being obese isn't easy...
"Anyways, I know you are probably beautiful!" The guy smiled.
'Pssssh... yeah right' I thought to myself. But it felt good to hear someone say such a thing.. I've never heard the word beautiful being spoken to me.
I laughed and smiled.
"I love your laugh, too!"
"My name is....'

Read to find out who this guy is and follow Evie on her BIG journey. :)


21. Chapter 18- Decisions Part One...

I listened in shock that morning as she explained what I needed to do if I wanted to be a movement's activist. A MOVEMENT'S ACTIVIST.

Was I really ready to commit to something this big in such little time? Without any experience?

I can barely find confidence in myself... what would I say?

"Sooooo? Would you like to commit to this? To inspire others around the world?"

I blinked slowly, still in awe at this offer.

She sighed and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"You are meant to do this, I can just feel it! You are meant to change the world!"

"Change the world?" I questioned.

"CHANGE THE WORLD!" she screeched happily.

I laughed a little at her excitement, and understood what I needed to do.

Breathing in deeply, I let out a small 'yes.'

She screamed loudly and jumped up and down, hugging me until I couldn't take breathe.

"We're gonna be famous baby girl! FAMOUS!"


That was five days ago.


From that day, she has taken me shopping and I honestly don't know where to put all of these clothes anymore.

My regular exercising has FINALLY paid off!

I now have a flat stomach, and though it still has a little extra skin on top, I am loving this!

My step mom is still homeschooling me, but I think that it's time for me to go back to school..


Slowly, I walked down the steps of my house, spotting her and my dad on the couch.

"Oh, hey Evie! Wanna watch tv with us?" asked my smiling father.

I was so happy with them right now. They were just really nice to me and were also fairly supportive.

Shaking my head, I sighed.

"I think that i'm ready to go back to school," I stated prominently.


They just stared at me with wide eyes.

My step mother stood up and grabbed my hand.

"Are you sure sweetie? It is YOUR decision," she questioned.

I nodded quickly in response.

She sighed. "Well Nick," she said to my father," If she says she's ready to go back to school, than she's gonna go back to school..."

He nodded in agreement. "Whatever you want sweetheart."

I smiled widely, hugging both them. "Thank you thank you thank you!" I cried.


Sorry! With my aunt and it's finally the WEEKEND.... DANG. I will update tonight though! Comment "Liam" with a <3 next to it if you want him to come meet Evie :) <3


Forgive me for the wait, but it was all worth it! All A's babyyyy <<<


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