Rylie is homeless. Has been all her life, to be exact. She lives in an alleyway next to a Starbucks, in a busy street of New York.
One day, someone kneels before her, wad of money in hand. That same boy ended up being her boyfriend.
He is her angel, her lifesaver.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


8. Chapter 8

Rylie's P.O.V

          I watched as Harry turned some wierd gold thing, water soon running out and filling the tub. I watched in awe as he turned it back off, water filled not too close to the top. He smiled at me when he stood back up, standing in front of me. "Tommy is getting a bath, too. So, don't worry about him. They'll feed him and everything."

          "Take your clothes off," he told me. I blushed, and crossed my arms over my stomach, looking away from him. "It's okay, I won't look," he reassured. He took my hoodie off gently, whispering, "I'll just do it for you then." I felt my face red as a tomato as he discarded the rest of my clothing, leaving me completely bare. I hugged myself, afraid of Harry. "Shhh, it's okay babe."

          I trusted Harry, he's literally the only person who has seen me like this. His eyes were trained on my face the whole time, not even sneaking a glance. I guess he really was a true gentleman. I lowered myself down into the tub, feeling much less exposed than I was when I was out. I pulled my knees up to my chest, not wanting him to see me.

          Harry pulled up a stool and sat down, taking his shirt off. I blushed at that, being naked and then him shirtless, annd so close to me. He twisted his rings off and took his watch off, setting them on the counter next to us. He gave me a grin and started.

Harry's P.O.V

          I didn't want to force Rylie or make her feel uncomfortable, so I didn't look at her body. I think it would be amazing and fit, in my opinion. I watched as she slowly sat down in the modern tub, the water rippiling in the process. She curled her knees up to my chest, making her seem even more innocent and adorable than she already was.

          I twisted off my rings and took my expensive black leather and golden faced watch, setting everything next to the marble sink. I pulled up a wooden stool so that I could sit. I sat down, taking my shirt off an dnot missing the blush that had ran up into her cheeks. I grinned at her, getting started in bathing her.

          I wet her long, dark brown hair, pouring water over her head. She watched as I grabbed a bottle of strawberry scented shampoo, putting some into my plam. I rubbed it into her hair, the foam spreading all over. I made sure to massage her scalp, getting all her hair.

          Next I washed her body, not risking a single glance at it. I kissed her wet forehead and smoothed her hair back, her blue eyes shining up at me. I flashed her one of my most famous smiles and then sttod up, gently pulling her out and wrapping a fluffy light pink towel around her. I got as much water as I could out of her hair by hand and then turned to the tub.

          She watched as the water dissapeared down the drain, her rosy lips parted. She looked at me with those big inncocent blue eyes and I coaxed her to me with my finger. She stood in front of me, and I watched her body shiver slightly at the warmth that was produced from my body.

a/n: sorry its short i might update later! love yall!

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