Rylie is homeless. Has been all her life, to be exact. She lives in an alleyway next to a Starbucks, in a busy street of New York.
One day, someone kneels before her, wad of money in hand. That same boy ended up being her boyfriend.
He is her angel, her lifesaver.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


3. Chapter 3

Harry's P.O.V

          "Oh! Harry's got a crush!," Louis teased. I blushed and smiled, so be it. I have a crush on this mystery girl. I don't know her name, don't even know her at all but yet I still like her. I just smiled, she was a true beauty.

Rylie's P.O.V

          Tommy gratefully sipped his water, and eating the donut right away. I curled my knees up to my chest and sipped my coffee, my donut sitting beside me. The air was cold, as it was almost winter, and I was freezing. I grabbed my tthin blue blanket and wrapped it around me, Tommy soon joining me at my side. I smiled at him, and he looked up at me with those innocent brown eyes.

          I gently stroked his soft fur, the black and brown fur going through my fingers. The door of Starbucks opened, and that same group of boys walked out. I pulled my hood over my head and kept my head low, not wanting the curly one to see me. "I wish I could take all the homeless people into my home," an irish voice said. I smiled slightly, but then it dissapeared as someone else said, "Niall! They could be theives! Homeless people are no good, they're so ugly and need some style."

          The tears blurred my vision, and I unvoluntarily let out a small sob. I felt heads turn toward me and footsteps, but Tommy stepped in and barked at them until they scurried away. "Good dog," I mumbled through my cries. I wish I had caring parents, with a nice home and warm, delicious food. The hot tears flowing down my cheeks.

          I felt them freeze after awhile, since it was so cold. I gripped my blanket as close as I could and placed Tommy in my lap, the blanket and my body warmth keeping him warm. I really hope my life gets better.

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