Rylie is homeless. Has been all her life, to be exact. She lives in an alleyway next to a Starbucks, in a busy street of New York.
One day, someone kneels before her, wad of money in hand. That same boy ended up being her boyfriend.
He is her angel, her lifesaver.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


13. Chapter 12

Harry's P.O.V

          "Oh baby, there's no need to cry. You know you're safe here, with me." I quietly whispered these words, just to reassure her. She just held me tighter, her arms wrappeed arounf around my torso. Rylie's face was burried into my neck, sobbing quietly as she let out all of her emotions. I gently rubbed her back, forcing myself not to cry. I have to be strong for her.

          As minutes passed her body seemed to calm down, just laying in my arms. When I looked at her face she looked exauhsted, with a pale face. I put her to bed at exactly nine, wrapping her up in the blankets. I leant down to kiss her forehead, her eyes fluttering closed in the process. She garbbed my hand in both of hers and whispered, "Please stay." "I have to take a shower, but I'll be back before you knoww it. I promise." She let out a faint whimper as my hand left her own. I heard her begging for me to stay as I walked away, and I could practically heear how upset she was.

          I heard shuffling in the covers and I turned to see that she covered herself with the covers. As I stood in the doorway in the bathroom I knew then and there that I really did change her life. And as corny as it sounds, she could be 'the one' for me.

Rylie's P.O.V

          When I pulled the covers over myself I was clueless. What am I supposed to do? So what I did is get out of bed. I pushed the covers off me, the cool air hitting me right away. I shivered, at nights the rooms get cold.

          I went to Harry's suitcase and pulled out a random hoodie he had in there, which was purple with the words 'Jack Wills' in bold white letters. I pulled that over my hesad quickly, Harry's scent now mixing with the air around me. I looked at the time, 9:05.

          Harry wouldn't mind if I went for something to eat, right? I sighed and just thought 'Whatever.' I quietly exited the room, shutting the door behind me. "Rylie!," Niall yelled, startling me and making me scream. "What are you doing?" As e asked this, he looked like a little innocent child. "Well, I can't sleep and Harry is taking a shower, and I'm hungry," I explained to him.

          "Oh! let's go get you some food!" He took a hold of my hand and dragged me to the empty kitchen that had just food stored in it.

A/n: i hope you guys liked this chapter! Oh, and some events that already happened might happen in this story and my other fanfics, just to make the story a little more... interesting and stuff.

Harrys_Bo_ xxx


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