Rylie is homeless. Has been all her life, to be exact. She lives in an alleyway next to a Starbucks, in a busy street of New York.
One day, someone kneels before her, wad of money in hand. That same boy ended up being her boyfriend.
He is her angel, her lifesaver.
*I own the characters. Anything about them that could appeal to you is coincidental! I don't own One Direction though!*


16. Authors note!

Sorry I couldnt update today :( :( :( :( :(. Sad and depressing, I know. Shoutout to Maria, my beloved sister aka @Meppler1121 Follow her? It'll mean a lot to me.

Okay, so lately I've been feeling sad because Dylan and I have been distant lately and it's awkward now.

Like, whenever we're alone we move as furthest away from each other as possible.

Sometimes, I cry.

And he hugs me.

And tells me everything will be ok.

Everything isn't okay.

I miss him and I don't know if he misses me or not but all I want to know is why we seperated. Peter, as you have probably seen him, well read him (LOL) I've talked to about this and he told me that everything will be okay in the end

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." -Ed Sheeran

This line really inspires me, and I just wanted to share it with you guys, my beloved peoples. You guys mean so much to me, ya'll don't even know how much.

I hope you guys read this, it's okay if you really don't care.

Because, I mean, i feel worthless and unheared. Invisible, like no one wants me.

The whole situation with Dylan doesn't make this any better.

As you can tell maybe from previous stuff I tell all of you about me, I have a lot of drama going on 24/7. 

One of them is feeling like my boyfriend and I are going to break up. I don't know if i should trust him in some topics, that's the reason why.

And a relationship without trust doesn't work out.

But he's sweet, a gentleman, and adorable.

I think I should just stay with him.

BOO! <_"_._"_>

Harrys_Bo_ xxx


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