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There was this girl name Brooklyn Roberts she was an beautiful girl but the thing wrong with her was.......


2. who knew?

But then Brooklyn kicked him in the knees and said leave me alone! while crying she in the bathrooms and pulled out her razor before she started this girl came in crying and ran straight into the stall so Brooklyn went next to the stall and said "Haii are you okay? what's your name?" so the girl said "h-h-h-he-e-y-y-y while studdering m-y n-a-m-e i-s Bbb-rrr-ii-tt-aa-nn-yy (this is what Brittany looks like)

aanndd nnoooo iimm nnoott and these ppeople keeeep on teasing me that im emo and i should go commit suicide then i ran in here :( i hate it." So Brooklyn said "is it true that you cut"?  Brittany said yes its true :'( Brooklyn said i do the same thing so Brooklyn and Brittany show each others cuts they have and why they have them. So Brittany and Brooklyn are best friends they walked out of the bathroom crying together. Before  Brook went to class Blake came up to her and said "come here into the corner" and showed Brook cuts on Blake's wrist and she said "you cut to"? Blake said "yes" so that day i was thinking he is just like me OoO. So Blake went off with depression into his class. After that had Brooke thinking that she likes him and he does the same thing that Brooke does.. What should Brooke do? Next day Brooke ask Brittany should she go out with Blake and Brittany said idk maybe he might brake your heart and start to cut and i don't want that to happen to you. Blake went off to his class,Brooke had to think what shes doing , and Brittany wondered about what Brooke would do about Blake.

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