Box Of Roses

Lily when to high school with the now famous Louis Tomlinson. She always thought he'd forgotten her, so what happens when the run into each other three years later????


9. You're wearing my breakfast!

Liam's POV

It took me a while to work out where I was when I woke up, actually I couldn't remember until Lily walked past me.

I'd been awake for ages when I got bored and checked the time on my phone, 6:30am, someone will be up. Maybe Harry?

I strolled down into the kitchen to find Harry cooking eggs, I guess they're for Louis. "Morning Harry." I cheered. I must have shocked him because he let out a squeal and jumped right back with the pan in his hand, it was hilarious until the egg he was cooking landed in my hair.

"Liam you frightened me!" He stated the obvious.

"I gathered." I sighed, trying to get rid of the half fried egg in my hair. Just as a half asleep, panicky Louis walked down the stairs, Zayn and Niall following from the sofa.

"Harry what happened?!" He asked frantically.

"Liam scared me." Harry sulked, the boys took one look at me, still trying to get the egg out of my hair and burst out laughing.

"Liam, you're wearing my breakfast!" Louis giggled.

"Yeah, it would look better on me anyway!" Zayn teased.

Once we'd settled down, and I'd got almost all of the egg out of my hair. We made cereal as a last resort; Louis wanted eggs, but the last egg left was in my hair. We sat and ate in the living room, we talked about going on the Asian leg of our tour.

"We leave in a few days," Harry sighed, stating the obvious again.

"I don't want to leave Lily and Ash, we were so close." Louis groaned.

"Why not ask them to come with us, we need an opening act and you said they can sing right?" Zayn suggested

"Wait I thought Simon and Paul had planned some Korean girl to do it. Quorn wasn't it?" I asked.

"Yeah, but we still need a support act for her, she's new to the music industry." Harry pointed out.

"Okay, I'll talk to them later." Louis agreed.


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