Box Of Roses

Lily when to high school with the now famous Louis Tomlinson. She always thought he'd forgotten her, so what happens when the run into each other three years later????


7. Sleeping Angel

Lily's POV

I must've looked like a druggie in my hoddie next to Ashlee on the tube, his instructions were clear, yet somehow we managed to get off at the wrong stop twice! I thought I better text Louis, let him know where running late.

Me: Hey Louis, sorry but we're running really late, Ash wanted to use the tube map and we got distracted sorry :/

I got a reply almost instantly. Wow, they can't have started a movie yet.

Louis:That's okay Lil'. Harry's asleep in my lap and Liam's on his phone Niall's in the kitchen with Zayn and I'm a bit of a loner lol.. :)

Me: Haha, don't worry we'll be there soon. x

Louis: Okay I'll wake Haz up now xx

Me: Okay x

"Ash, it's fine he doesn't mind." I told her simply.

"Okay cool, our stops next anyway." She enthused.

Louis POV

Time to wake the sleeping angel, I don't want to though, he looks so sweet. But Lily will be here soon. "Harry," I whispered. "Hazza." A little louder this time.

"Lou, you're to gentle with him!" Niall yelled. "HARRY WAKE UP!" He screamed again.

"Niall!" Harry yelled.

"Sorry, Haz he was being to gentle, we'd be here for ages." Niall explained gesturing to me.

"Lou, there's someone at the door." Liam stated.

"I'll get it!" I screamed running towards the door of our flat. I open the door and no surprise it was Lily and Ashlee. "Hi," I greeted.

"Hey sorry we're so late, what film are we watching?" Lily asked.

"Well, I don't really know, the boys will all want to watch different things so we'll probably have to watch every film I own." I explained. "Come on in meet the boys." I welcomed them.


Sorry this took ages to update I've been busy... On Tumblr

Stay Perfect xx





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