Box Of Roses

Lily when to high school with the now famous Louis Tomlinson. She always thought he'd forgotten her, so what happens when the run into each other three years later????


3. Shopping part 2

Lilly's POV

So maybe I've missed Louis a little more than I confess, but this morning was a new low I promise...

*In Topshop*

"I love this dress!" Ashlee exclaimed

"Oh it gorgeous Ash!" I respond. And the dress is really gorgeous, it's navy blue and fitted with a skirt to the knee. It has a few sequins down the left side too.

*Skip boring try on and buy stuff*

We end up coming out of Topshop with just Ashlee's dress and a pair of cute ballet pumps. Any way on our way out you'll never guess who we saw!

Louis POV

"Harry you see that girl over there?" I nudge him and say.

"Yeah," He replies

"We were best mates in high school..." I say glumly, how could I have been so stupid?

"Which one?" He asks

"The one with dip-dyed hair." I tell him, walking closer as she begins to look at me.

"Hi!" I exclaim with a nervous tone.

"Hi," She says.

"It's been so long." I state, now regaining some of my confidence.

"Yeah, it has." she agrees, now she sounds exited.

"Here's my number." I say handing her a piece of paper with my number on it. "We should go for coffee some time and catch up!" I suggest.

"Yeah that's a good idea." She seems pleased.

"I have to go now, we'll be late for work but call me." I suggest.

"Okay, I will." She giggles. I might have my friend back someday soon...

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