Box Of Roses

Lily when to high school with the now famous Louis Tomlinson. She always thought he'd forgotten her, so what happens when the run into each other three years later????


8. Chapter 8


Two updates in one week? Because you guys are amazing. And Georgia was nagging me..

Harry's POV

Louis walked in with the Lily girl he'd been talking about and her friend, and I have to say her friend was very pretty.

"Guys this is Lily," he gestured to the girl on his left. "And Ashlee, we were mates in high school."

"Hi I'm Liam!" Liam introduced himself with no hesitation.

"I'm Niall!" Niall chirped.

"Zayn." He mumbled shyly.

"And I'm Harry" I smiled.

"Hi!" Both girls greeted.

"Well Louis has already chosen his seat, but other than that you can sit wherever." Liam broke the silence. I shuffled over and Louis sat down, he gestured for Lily to sit next to him she did and Ashlee followed.

"Lou can we watch Love Actually??" I asked.

"Yeah why not, I'll put it on." He replied, knowing I can't work our DVD player.

Ashlee's POV

I'll admit I was pretty nervous to come tonight and meet Louis new boyband buddies, because, their so famous and all. But they're really genuine guys and I was quite taken with Harry and I could tell Liam liked Lily...

After watching several different films including: Love Actually and Grease, Lily said: (A/N sorry for boring vocabulary) "It's getting late, should we go?" 

"No, stay. Me and Haz can go in our room, Niall and Zayn down here, Liam in the guest room and you can go in the second guest room." Louis protested.

"Okay cool. Why do you two live in a three bedroom flat and still share a room?" I asked.

"No reason." Louis snapped, which just made me more curios. So I looked at Harry searching his eyes for an answer.

"He get's lonely." Harry giggled.

"Shut up Harry!" Louis defended.

"Louis it's fine, I know." Lily told him.


Soo who ships Louly and who ships Lilam. Tell me in the comments. I wanna know

Stay Perfect x


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