Box Of Roses

Lily when to high school with the now famous Louis Tomlinson. She always thought he'd forgotten her, so what happens when the run into each other three years later????


4. Chapter 4

Louis POV

Harry and I were leaving the studio for our flat and on the drive home, the conversation topics got pretty deep pretty fast.

"Hey Lou?" He said.

"Yeah?" I responded,

"Do you still like that Lilly, or what?" He promptly questioned.

"No." I lie. I don't mean that I just want to throw him off my trail. Lilly was my best mate, anyway she doesn't like me that way.

"What about El, how are things between you two?" He asks changing the subject.

"Fine." I murmur looking at the floor.

"Really, are you sure?" He asks, he always knows when somethings up. I honestly don't know what I'd do without him.

"No, can we talk about this at home?" I almost sob.

"Okay," He says in his comforting voice...


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