Would you kill to save a life?

It's a question. Would you kill to save the person you loves life? Even if that person wasn't who you thought they were? Louis has to make the choice of a life time.. Lose Harry to someone else? Or Harry lose his best friend?


1. Prolouge


>>I killed him.<<, Louis said quietly.
>>What do you mean? What have you done?<<, Harry asks confused and stared to him.

>>I-I said, I-I killed him. He was on his w-way to you. I hadn't another choice <<, the older man stutters.  
Harry steps back, opened speechless his mouth.
>>I’m so sorry.<<, he sobbed guiltily, stared to floor.
>>You…<< Harry stopped. He clenched his hands into fists.
>>Stay quiet, please. Let me expla-…<<
>>You killed my best friend! I can’t stay quiet!<<, Harry cried, the force left him so he dropped to the floor.

>>I had to! I thought I’ll lose you. Harry, give me a chance. You know, we belong together.<<, he whined, looks into Harry’s green eyes.  

 >>How you can still look in my eyes?<<


Hello Guys.
I'm new at this page and this is my first ENGLISH Fanfiction.
I'm not very good in this language, so please don't be so hard to (on?) me. :D

I saw this Trailer (www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX6gJAkJg...) and I said to me: Let's go. Try to write it.
So, this is the Prolouge. Hope you like it. :-)
Lots of love, AwesomeStylinson

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