The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


12. What?

Amber's Pov

Cody and I were on our way to the shopping centre, I was a bit nervous because I havent been to the shopping centre in over a year." We are here." I smiled " T-thanks C-cody." He smiled too. we both walked into the shops. "Topshop?" I used to wear topshop clothes all the time now its just leggings."S-sure I used t-to wear it a-all the time." He grabbed my hand and dragged me into the shop."So what is your style?" I thourght for a second "Cute girly stuff." Cody beamed at me "you didnt stutter!" I smiled to. "Yay I guess." He chuckled then started to walk around the shop. "Ohhh this is cute!" I looked over at a pink blouse with white flowers on the shoulders."I love it." After 10 minutes Cody had a over 10 items and so did I, it was all the sort of stuff I used to wear. We walked up to the till and payed "That will be 280 pounds please." Cody smiled and put in his credit card then typed in his pin."Cody!" He gave me a questioning look "What?" I chuckled "that was 280 pounds!"He smiled "I no. Dont worry about it my mum won some money and gave me 1,000 pounds."I giggled "well thanks." I hugged him and we walked out of Topshop with 5 bags."Hair next?" I nodded and we walked to the hairdressers. "Hello how may I help you?" I looked at Cody then spoke "Just a trim and a new side fringe please." She nodded and began snipping at my hair. "Thank you very much here." I handed her 20 pounds and we walked out the shop."Okay I think your all good, have you still got your old clothes at home." I nodded and remembered I have all these cute skirts tops and shorts in a black bag at the back of my wardrobe. "Cool thets go home then." I smiled and we walked to Codys car.

Justin's Pov

I am really happy I am going to marry Selena but I have been thinking about Amber non stop. Was I to harsh? Should I call her? Could we just be friends? Yes, I needed to hear her angelic voice again. I pulled out my phone and dialled her number. I still no it off by heart. *BEEP BEEP* A:hello? J: Hey Amber its me Justin A: What? Justin? OMG! I have missed you soo much J:Really?But your with micheal? A:Omg no he is my little cousion hes a brat, when I was calling you ages ago he smashed my phone and I screamed at him. Oh no I have made a big mistake. A:Justin are you there? J: I am so sorry, I thourght you were having sex with him because just before the line went dead you went ughhh. A:Oh no Justin I would never do that to you, I loved you and I still do. J:Well I love you to but I am with Selena A:I-i now did yoiu try and get revenge? J:Yeah i guess A:W-well I gotta go Justin, I love you J: I love you to. *BEEP BEEP BEEP.* Wow I feel like a jerk. The love of my life is gone because I assumed she was cheating. I have to call off the weddding with Selena and get my love back. Amber sounded weak and scared. Its all my fault. I dialled her number agian. A:Hello Justin J:Can we meet up today im in the uk. A:Sure at subway? J:Perfect 4 pm? A:Sure see you then. J ; Okay babe, wait i mean amber see you. *BEEP BEEP*. I cant wait to see her.


I walked in a sat at a table waiting for amber."Hey Justin." I didnt even no she came in. "Hey prin- amber." She still looked amazing but her eyes have lost their sparkle her smile lost its spark and she looks nervous. "How are you?" Amber looked at the floor "Not good." I frowned "Why?" Amber sniffed "Well since you left me for no reason I got really depressed and didnt talk to any one I am getting bullied and I have no confidnece, But cody took me out today to try and help me get a bit more confident." I felt ashamed "I am so sorry, I shouldnt of assumed anything, But I am calling the wedding off." Amber's mouth dropped open "no!you cant! why?" I smiled "Because of you, shes not my princess you are, she cant be Mrs bieber, you have to be." Amber let out a sigh."Justin I havent seen you for 2 years and now you want to marry me?" I looked at my hands "well yeah." she giggled "No way." I frowned "okay but I will not stop texting you I need you Anber you are my everything." I nodded "I love you." "I love you more." I lent in to kiss Amber when i felt a tap on my shoulder "The weddings off you cheater."It was Selena damm. "Wait stop" She walked out the shop. "Jusin im sorry I need to go." Not Amber too. " Wait Amber." She shook her head ."I dont want to be the cause of your break up sorry just can we be friends?" I nodded "okay but I wont stop until you are mine again." Amber nodded "okay Justin bye." I hugged her and walked back home.

Cody's pov

I have no clue where ambers been but I miss her, I think I might even love her. She is one of a kind but I wont rush anything.*DING DONG* "Hey Cody sorry i met up with a friend." I nodded "Okay do you wanna watch iCarly?" Amber smiled "Sure." we both sat on the couch and cuddled watching iCary. "Amber?" Amber turned around to face me "yeah?" I took a deep breath "Will you be my princess?" Amber's mouth dropped "uh um well no but ye- no uh  but noo." I giggled " I guess thats a no then?" Amber nodded "sorry cody im just not ready yet but you make an amzing friend maybe in the future but for now just friends." I smiled and nodded but inside I was a bit hurt."Do you wanna sleep over tonight?" Amber smiled "Sure thanks and cody I am sorry I dont want to go out with you at the momoment but that doesnt mean I dont think your amazing." Wow she thourght that great."ha thanks boo." Amber's jaw tightened "P-please do NOT call me that." A tear rolled down her face "sorry amber hey dont cry whats up?" She shook her head with tears rolling down her face. "Its just I feel so bad and also Justin calls me boo well u-used to sorry, can we go to sleep?" I hugged her tight "Sure sweetie." I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. "Cody, Thank you for everything." She kissed my cheek. "Here you go I will sleep on the floor and you can sleep in my bed." Amber shook her head, "Cody you have a huge bed I dont mind if we share." To be honest neither do I but I wanted to be polite. "Okay thanks." Amber slipped off her leggings and kept on her baseball top, It just covered her bum. I took my shirt off and slept in my shorts. "Goodnight Cody." I smiled and wrapped my hands around her tiny waist "goodnight hun." Within minutes Amber fell asleep. I stroked her hair and fell asleep to.


"Morning Cody." I smiled and turned over to see Amber smiling "Hey beauty." She giggled and got up. She looked hot in her baseball top and her hair flowing down her back. "W-where are you going " I asked nervously "Cody you dont have to be nervous"she whispered in my ear. I felt butterflies in my stomach "Im going to shower if thats okay?" I smiled and nodded "sure babe its in there, and im not nervous." She giggled and walked out the room.

Amber's Pov

I walked into the bathroom and locked the door, I stripped and walked into the steamy shower. I let the water fall over my hair and body. Then I washed my hair and then my body with coconut shower gel. "AMBERRR!Do you want some clothes?" I laughed "YESSS Please !!" I stepped out the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked out the bathroom and got the clothes cody had in his hands "thank you babe." He smiled and I walked back into the bathroom. I dried my body than slipped on the panties and bra then the super skinny jeans and last the blouse with flowers on I brought yesterday(I had left my shopping at codys). I stepped out the bathroom and smiled at cody before asking "do you have a hair dryer?" He nodded and walked into his bedroom he handed me a hair dryer, I plugged it in and dryed my hair. "Thanks" cody smiled and unplugged the hair dryer than placed it back in his cupboard. "Do you wanna go skating?" I nodded and replied "yeah sure that would be great!" Cody winked and we walked out the room "waitt I wanna invite my friend that I new from high school before he became famous." I smiled "sure call him and tell him to meet up there." Cody nodded and we walked to the car. 


"Okay thets go beauty!" I smiled and me and cody walked to the roller rink. I froze it was Justin, yes my Justin. "Hey! Bro this is Amber my bestfriend." Justin smiled and hugged me "hello boo." Cody looked at me and nodded "Yeah well Cody this is Justin my EX boyfriend." Cody clenched his jaw "O shall we go inside " he said behind gritted teeth. "Sure." I smiled before walking into the roller rink. "Okay lets have a race, ready gooo!" I shouted before speeding off, Cody was right behind me and Justin was way ahead, "keep going princess beat the bast- dude.!" I laughed at Cody before grabbing his hand and pulling him around. "Cody im gonna fa-" Before I could finish I fell on my bum. "Are you okay?" I giggled and stood up "yeah im good, wheres Justin." I felt hands around my waist "Im here baby" Justin whispered in my ear, I rolled my eyes and turned round"Justin I love you but your with selena, I cant ruin a perfect realationship sorry." He sighed "Okay but remember I wont give up on us." I smiled before holding hands with both Cody and Justin. "Thets skate boys!" *AFTER 30 MINS OF SKATING*

"Okay wanna have a movie day boys?" they both nodded and we ran out into the carpark. "First one to codys car is the winner!" We all ran and I reached the car first then Cody than Justin. "HA loser!" Justin smiled and lifted me up by my waist I giggled and tried to wriggle out "J-Justinn!!" He smiled then started to tiggle me "Ha Justin let goo!!" he put me down and we got into the car."Popular you no about popular!" memories flashed through my mind of Justin and I singing this. I let a tear roll down my cheak, Cody was driving and me and Justin were in the back."Whats up boo?" Justin wiped the tear with his thumb "Just remembered all the good times we had together." I really miss Justin being there for me holding me and kissing me. "Well we can re live those memories boo if you give me one more chance I love you." I couldn't risk it all happening again but I went with my heart not my head.


"Okay, but promise me one thing." He nodded "Dont fuck this up." He nodded and smacked his lips onto mine, I have missed his lips so much. But then a thourght popped into my head, Selena. "Justin what about sel?" He smiled "she finished it and she is with Zac Efron now?!" I giggled and smiled at Justin "I love you boo and I will always love you." "Um guys?" It was cody, "sorry buddie." He chuckled but I could hear the dissapointment in his voice. He was such a nice boy but I dont love him.

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