The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


7. The Party

Amber's Pov

I woke up to my alarm I sighed and got out of bed. I walked into the bathroom and jumped in the shower. After I finished I got dressed into jeans a blue ruffled Hollister top and Hollister flip flops. I rolled the bottom of my jeans up a little so they were about 3cm above my ankle. Then I blow dried my hair and did my make up. I grabbed my bag and my phone then ran out the front door to get the bus. I walked on the bus and sat next to Justin." Hey sugar." Justin kissed my nose and then kissed my lips." Im so excited for tonight!" Justin laughed and replied " yeh ! I cant wait!" we got to school and walked to our lessons.


I met Justin outside school and we saw a group of my friends who were coming tonight."Hey Amber what are you wearing tonight?" I thourght and replied " I have no clue." They all laughed and I said goodbye to Carla, Megan, Alex, Maggie, Tilly , Becca and Hope. Me and Justin walked and got on the bus. Justin came to mine to get ready so we said hello to my mum and went up stairs and I stared looking through my wardrobe. After ten minutes of me looking I picked out a cute cream dress with a big heart cut out at the back. I came up to my mid thighs and I also picked out a pair of white wedge heels to match. I showed them to Justin " You like?" He nodded and said " go try it on princess!" I walked into the bathroom and stripped down into my knickers and bra. I then slipped on the dress on put on the heels. I walked out and Justin smiled " wooooowwww you loookkk hawwttt!!!!" I blushed and playfully hit him on the arm. I took of my outfit and layed it on my bed. Then slipped on my robe and did my makeup.



Justin's Pov

Amber was doing here makeup in her mirror and I went in the shower. I turned on the water and stepped in. After I finished I went into the bedroom grabbed my clothes and went back into the bathroom to get changed. I changed into light blue pjama pants a white vest and supras. I walked out the bathroom and saw Amber curling the ends of her hair." You look sexy " Amber said " why thank you boo". She laughed and switched her curlers of. Then slipped on her dress and heels. She looked in the mirror and turned to me and raised an eyebrow. "You look perfect." She smiled and looked at her phone " OMG its 10 to eight people will be here soon! Amber rushed down stairs and I followed behind her. Her mum gasped and said " wow you look stunning and and Justin you look cute!" We both giggled and looked around everything looked so pretty! " Okay sweetie alcohol coke lemonade water and fanta  is on the side and all the food is over there, I will be home tomorrow so behave and have fun!" Amber chuckled and replied " thank you mum have a good time at nans." Her mum picked up her bag and walked out to the car, we heard her drive off. " So shall we get the tunes started?" I asked Amber nodded and stuck in a cd. She also turned on the disco lights and it looked like a proper party now. Blurred lines was playing and then the doorbell rang.Amber opened the door and I heard someone say " HEYYYY!! Omg you look gorg babe!" I looked round and saw Nicole and Megan. They walked in a started talking to Amber. The door went agian and I opened it to Alex, Chaz,Ryan,Billie, Sam, Jamie, Maggie and Jess. they all hugged me and walked in. There was a few people here now so we started dancing.

Amber's Pov

There was a few people here now so we all started dancing, then the door bell rang I opened it to Jessie, Bella, Tyler, Brandon, Joe and Peter. I hugged the boys and then hugged the girls everyone walked in and placed a few presents onto the counter. I walked over to Justin and said" Love you baby" He smiled and replied " Love you more boo." I smiled and started dancing silly with Justin he held my hands and we danced to Going crazy by Robbie Williams. 

30 mins later*

Now my house was practically full of teens dancing around. I would say there was about 150 people. I walked past all the dancing people and grabbed a beer from the counter. I opened it and sipped on it - this was my 5th so I havent drunk to much but it was fair to say I was tipsy. I looked around trying to find Nicole. I stood on my tiptoes looking over the crowd of people and felt a hand a my waist. I looked around and saw Nicole. " Hey girl!" I laughed and hugged her. " Do you wanna drink babe?" Nicole nodded and I past her a beer. She opened it and held it before pulling into the crowd of people. We started dancing to Need you 100%. I was dancing and out the corner of my eye I saw Justin with Chaz and ryan. Now i new he was watching I gave Nicole a glance and we both did the slut drop and began to dance dirty.I felt Justins eyes burn a hole through my back so I turned round and walked towards him. "Hey baby wanna dance?" Justin instantly nodded then winked at Chaz and Ryan I smirked and I grabbed his hand. I gave my beer to Ryan to hold and walked over to the crowd. We both started dancing and grinding on each other. He pulled me closer and kissed me slowly then licked my lips asking for entrance I opened my mouth and our tongues danced.We kept kissing and dancing as well. After 10 minutes Ryan tapped on my shoulder and handed me a card. " Err its just a little something from me and chaz." I hugged him and opened the card.It was hard to move around when there was so many people around but eventually I opened the card and it was a picture of me chaz and Ryan when we went to Spain with the school(before Justin started). " Aww guys!" They both blushed and then I opened the card. There was a 50 pound note. " I am not taking that!" Ryan laughed and replied " Yes you are Amber its your birthday!" I nodded and hugged Ryan still holding hands with Justin. " Wheres Chaz I wanna thank him?" Ryan laughed and replied " In your room with Megan!" I gasped and then replied " Omg I am gonna wash them sheets tomorrow and also me and Justin need that bed tonight." I winked at Justin and Ryan said " OOO bro you getting it tonighttt!" Justin smirked and kissed me. All of a sudden the door bell went again I was confused as it was 2 hours into the party and everyone has turned up. I walked over to the door with Justin and I opened it to see James James my ex James. " You were not invited you faggot." James looked upset with deep regret in his eyes but I didnt care. " Look Amber im sorry I-I-I still love you." I slammed the door in his face and took Justins hand and walked upstairs. Luckily chaz finished his business in my room so it was empty I walked in a locked the door I ran over to my bed and Justin started to kiss me he was hovering over my body. I slipped his shirt over his head and then he unzipped and dress at the back. I kicked of my heels and Justin kicked of his supras. He ran his hands up and down my body still not breaking the kiss. He unhooked my bra and threw it onto the floor.He stared at my chest before placing his warm hands onto my breasts . I pulled down his pants and then his boxers. I stared at his manhood before rubbing it with my hand still kissing. I pulled down my panties and Justin slowly inserted in me. I moaned in pleasure.*TEN MINUTES LATER* "THat was amazing." I smirked " I no " I winked and turned over and drifted to sleep. 

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