The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


8. The morning after

Justin's Pov

I woke up laying next to Amber- My head hurt like hell. I got up and walked down stairs. I literaly froze it looked like a bomb had hit amber's house. I looked at my watch and it was 11.05am. BUM! amber's mum was home at 1.00pm and she wanted it tidy by then. I quickly got a black bin bag and got all the empty bottles and cups. I started picking up paper plates and cigarette ends and put then in the bag to. It looked better already. I went around moving sofas back to their normal places and straightening vases and books that were on the sides. I got the hover out from underneath the stairs and hovered all of down stairs. *VOOOOMMMVOOOM VOOM VVVVOOOOMM* The hover probally  will wake Amber up but it was now 12.03 so she kinda should get up. I unplugged the hover and put it back under the stairs. Down stairs was completly tidy now. I walked up stairs to Amber's mums room and saw Ryan and Alex asleep in it. I chuckled and walked over to the bed." Bro Bro Bro BRO!" Ryan jumped up and so did Alex. " Um hey dude whats the time" I looked at my watch and replied " bro its 12.24 Amber's mum will we home soon so go home!" Ryan laughed and picked up his clothes from the floor. I walked out the room and into Amber's bedroom. I walked in and Amber wasnt there. I looked around the room and then in her bathroom.I was a bit worried I have to say. I walked down stairs and saw Amber laying on the couch watching iCarly. " Hey princess." I kissed her then perched on the sofa next to her. " Hey babe, did you clean up down here?" I nodded and kissed her nose. She blushed and hugged me " Thank you baby mum will be happy." We watched iCarly then heard footsteps. " OMG WHOS THAT!" I held Amber's hand and said " don't worry its Ryan and Alex they slept in your Mums room last night." Amber nodded and giggled. " Thanks for last night Amber the party was the bomb!" Ryan shouted before walking out the door.  Alex followed and waved goodbye. The door shut and we focused on the tv once again. Amber got up and walked into the kitchen. She looked on the counter and there was a huge pile of presents. I got up and walked over to her. "You lucky girl!" Amber giggled and started to unwrap a present. It was an ipad mini from Billie, Sam, Joe, Brandon and Megan. " Omg yay!" I laughed and hugged Amber. She continued unwrapping presents and after 5 minutes she had a pile of Topshop clothes an ipad mini and £300 cash. "Well thats alot!" I laughed and replied " Yes it is you lucky girl!" Amber collected all the rubbish and threw it in the bin.*DING DONG DING DONG*  Amber rushed to the door and saw her mum she hugged her and walked in. " Wow its tidy!" Amber pointed to me and her mum said " hes a keeper" she winked and walked upstairs to pack her stuff away. " So what do you want to do?" Since she had £300 in her pocket I assume she would probally want to go shopping. " Erm I really want to go paint balling." I was so happy i love paintballing " yay! Im just gonna go home and fetch my money then I will meet you back here." Amber looked at me and replied " No im paying its my thank you for tiding up." I nodded and kissed her. We both ran upstairs and got changed. I got changed into jeans a white top and supras and amber wore super skinny jeans one of my white shirts and black pumps. She rolled the sleeves up on my shirt and she looked adorable.It was only a ten minute drive so we hopped in the car and buckled up. "Okay so you ready boo?" Amber nodded and we reversed out of amber's drive. I was in my range rover my aunt brenda brought for me she was filthy rich. I refused to take it but she said she throw the keys away if I didnt take them.I turned on the radio and the popular song came on, we both started singing. "you were the popular one the popular chick it is what it is now im popularish standing on the feild with your pretty pom pom now your working at the movies selling popular corn!!" WE both laughed and amber pulled out her phone. "OMG justin!" I looked at her "what?!" She smiled at her phone and said " you have 1million views on your video of you singing !" I smiled and replied " really baby thats great!" WE pulled up outside the paintballing centre and I went round and opened the door for Amber. "Here we are boo ready to get your sexy ass kicked?" She smirked " no way bieber!Your going down biatch!" I laughed and our fingers interlocked. "Hello madam sir, please can I have the last name of the payer?" Amber nodded and replied "Rose." He smiled " Okay Mr and Mrs rose please follow me this way." We both blushed as we were not married, but we went along with it." Here is the suits your with wear to keep your clothes protected and here is 23 acres of land for you two to have a good day, and remember who ever wins gets the paint balling trophy !" We both zipped up our suits and got our guns. "GOOOO!!!" We both ran around wildly shooting every where. " BIEBER!! I will get you!!" THen i felt a slight stinging on my ass. " LOSERRR" Amber screamed I ran and shot her in the hip."OOOO whos the loser now?" She smiled and ran behind a tree."You can hide but JUstin will find you soon!" I heard Amber giggle from around the corner. *45 MINUTES LATER* " Okay well played you two now your game is over." We both giggled and then the manager spoke agian " so the winner is....... AMBER!" I frowned and Amber was jumping around. " HAHAH bitch I new I was gonna win !!" I smiled and kissed Amber's forehead. "Well done boo." We got our suits off and walked back to the car. " Do you wanna go home and watch movies?" Amber nodded and we pulled out of the centre.


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