The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


16. The Funeral

Justins pov

its been 2 weeks since amber passed away, her funeral is today and I really am scared. I walked over to my counter and their was a picture of Amber in short denim shorts white high converse and one of my hoddies. I held the picture to my chest and started to cry. I placed the picture back onto the counter and walked upstairs to get changed. I put on my black suit and tie and fixed my hair. I left my house and walked 5 minutes to the Church. Their was 5 men carrying and black coffin and Cody was one of them. I wiped the tear of my cheek. I walked over to the seats in the church and sat down. Cody sat next to me, he was crying heavily. "Cody im s-so sorry about this i couldnt be more upset" Cody sniffed and sucked up his tears "its alright mate" he buried his face in his hands and cried. A preiset walked in and annoced ambers body was buried. Cody walked to the front and made his speak "okay so umm ive only known amber for about a year but she was the most beautiful girl ever and i will never forget her she is always in our hearts god bless." Cody walked of stage crying I was next "ookay so ive known Amber for about 2 years and truly its been the best years of my life she is kind caring funny and like cody said beautiful i will always remember and love her again god bless".

I started crying again and wiped the tears away. Next amber other friends and family spoke. 

*After the funeral*

It was now 8 oclock and it was quite dark the cemetry was only lit by one street light. I sat next to Ambers grave and cried and cried. I felt a tap on my shoulder it was a teenage girl with brown hair and green eyes "hey umm are you okay?" I sniffed "yeah well no my gir- friend just passed away." She smiled "my boyfriend did to." 



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