The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


13. Please Justin..

Justins Pov

I am the happiest man alive, I have my girl back she is all mine. I woke up to see her lying there on my bed asleep. "Hunny wake up." She turned over and smiled "moring justy" I wanted to treat her today so I could show her I care. "Do you want to go to the Rouche?" The rouche was a posh resturant in london ."Sure yay!" It was already 3oclock as we had sleep in."I will go shower." Amber hopped up and walked into the bathroom. 


"We are here boo." It was very busy as the resturant was on the main street and it was incraedly crowded. "Mind the cars babe." Amber nodded and we stepped out into the road to get to the restiurant on the other side. Then I heard Amber scream "JUSTIN MINDD BABY ! JUS-" Everything went black.

Amber's Pov


It has been two weeks since Justin got hit by the bus, I ran back and tried to pull Justin back to but it was to late. Justin is now in a coma in St Judes Hospital. the doctors say they are not sure if he will make it but I need him to I cant survive without him. I walked over and sat by Justin bed I held his hand and whispered "please Justin baby please." Still nothing I walked out of the room to find the doctor. "Hello doc can you check Justin please?" The doctor nodded and walked to room 216. The doctor took a few tests then looked up at me "Okay Miss I am ever so sorry but it looks like bad news." My heart dropped "what do you mean?" I asked worried "Justins been in a coma for too long now so he only has a 5% chance of pulling through." I started to cry and cry and cry. The doctor walked out and I sat next to Justin "Baby please Justin please." I sobbed into my hands and slowly drifted off to sleep crying.


I slowly opened my eyes to see an empty hospital bed. "Justiin?!" I ran around franticly looking, I ran into the hallway to see Justin walking back my way "Baby, Justin!" He gave me a confused look "Erm sorry do I no you?" I frowned "of course you do?" He shook his head "no I dont sorry and whos Justin?" Has he forgot?No , Yes. "you are Justin Bieber the biggest popstar on the planet." He giggled "no way i cant even sing!" I let a tear slip from my eye. "Justin please, please remember me." I sobbed and felt strong arms around my waist. "Im ever so sorry lady but I dont no you at all."And with that he walked past me and back into his room."Justin wait!" I screamed down the hall. I ran back into his room, "justin please, just rememeber, now whos your mum?" He looked at his hands "erm you maybe?Im not to sure." I was so upset that Justin had forgetten me. "Please baby, do you remember watching iCarly on the sofa, going out, paintballing starbucks?" He shook his head "wait wow wow wow, iCarly paintballing are you Amber?" I jumped up "Yes!Yes!Yes!" He smiled "Ok I can remember you are my girlfriend but I dont remember being a popstar?" I smiled "It will come to you soon lets just get you home." Justin looked worried "Erm where is home?" I giggled "at your HUGEEEE house in LA." He chuckled "I dont no where that is but oh well." I grabbed his hand and we walked out the hospital. We both hopped in the car and i started the engine. "Ready justin?" He nodded and we speeded off to LA. After 30 minutes of driving we arived at Justins home.I shook Justin as he was asleep "We are here Justin this is LA." Justin giggled "I no boo, I live here silly." Wait what has he remembered? "You remember?" He held my hand "why wouldnt I?" I shook my head "dont worry shall we watch some movies?" He nodded and we both got out the car and walked into the house. I threw my bag onto the couch and sat ran upstairs to take a shower. "Where you going babe?" I giggled "In the shower wanna shower with me?" Justin came charging up the stairs "Yep!!" I chuckled and walked into the bathroom, "okay no funny business Justin." He frowned "okay boo." We both stripped down and got into the warm shower. "Justin can you pass me the body wash please?" He shook his head "no, I will wash you." I nodded and Justin started massaging the shower gel onto my back and then my tummy.After we had both finished in the shower I turned it off and we got out. *RING RING RING* "Justin its your phone hun." He picked it up.

Justin's pov

It was scooter so I answered and he spoke, S:Hey man J:Hey whats up? S:We are having a huge party tonight do you and Amber wanna come? J:Yeah sure man where and what time? S:My place at 8, Cant wait to meet Amber! J:yeah shes beautiful , see you then bro S:Cool dude bye. *BEEP BEEP* "who was it hun?" I smiled "scooter, theres a party at his tonight, he said he wants to meet you." Amber giggled "sure what time baby?" "Eight" amber pecked my lips and walked into her room to get changed."OWWWWWW!" I ran into Amber's room to see her lying on the floor "What happened boo?" I asked worried " stepped on this." She held up a knife "What the fuck is that doing there"She shook her head " I have no clue" She lifted her foot up and it was gushing with blood. "baby we need to get you to the hospital!" She shook her head "no you are staying here and going to your party I will get my cousin Millie to take me." I didnt want to leave amber "No im staying with you." She picked herself off the floor. "No Justin you havent seen Scooter or Usher for 2 weeks now come on I will be fine!" I nodded "okay but ring me every 2 hours okay?" Amber nodded "okay im gonna call millie can you get me some tissue just to wipe this up a bit?" I nodded and ran into the bathroom to get the tissue. "Got it boo." She wiped her foot up and held her hand over it. "okay millie will be here in 5 minutes." I nodded and sat down on the edge of her bed. *DING DONG* "babe thats millie, have a great night hun I love you." I smiled "Love you more princess." I kissed her and she hopped down stairs then I heard the door open and then close.



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