The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


15. Justin?

Amber's pov

I woke up and looked to see Harry and Niall asleep but Cody wasnt there. I think I have feelings for Cody he is Kind handsome and a gentleman. I got out of bed and walked down stairs to see cody watching TV, "Morning Cody." He turned round and smiled "Goodmorning babe." I walked over and sat next to him "Cody I need to ask something "He nodded "well you no about a week or two ago you asked me out but I said no?" He smiled "yeah what about it princess?" I blushed "well I have changed my mind "I love you." I lent in a smashed my lips against his slowly our tounges danced. After 5 minutes I stood up "Im gonna go see if harry and Niall are awake" Cody smiled "Okay so are you my princess?" I nodded and ran upstairs. "Morning Boys!!" Harry and Niall sat up. "hey amber" harry stood up and came over to me with his phone "look at this" It was twitter and a picture of a rope and a knife and the caption was 'Might aswell as I have nothing to live for' I looked at the name. Justin Bieber. "Thanks harry " I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialled Justins number A:Justin J:what? A:Why would you put that on Twitter your fans are going crazy are you stupid?! J:well I need you Amber! A:no justin you put yourself in this position J:whatever you heartless bitch A:see what I mean Justin and to think I was gonna give you a third chance J:Im sorry I love you A:thats what you always say *BEEP* I put my phone back into my pocket and walked back down stairs. "Cody." Cody smiled "yeah baby?" I frowned "Justins gonna commit suicide." Cody gasped "no way ! why!" I ran over to him and cried into his shoulder "its a-all my f-fault !" Cody rubbed my hair "Do you want to go round to his house?" I nodded and we walked to my car. "okay thets go," We zoomed down the road to Justins then pulled up on his drive. I knocked on the door three times, then another and another. Still no answer, I looked in the flowerpot for the spair key and put it in the door. "Justin you home?!!" I walked up the stairs to see a trail of blood leading to the bathroom, "Justin mate?" Cody held my hand and we walked into the bathroom "OH MY LORD!" I stared at Justins helpless body laying on the floor dripping with blood. "Justin, Justin , Justin." I kept shaking and turned him over to see a knife stuck in his chest, "Cody help me get him up" We both pulled Justin up and I pulled the knife out. "Ma h-help" Justin was mumbling but I new it was to late. I felt his pulse nothing I felt his heart nothing. "Justin JUSTINNNNN!!" I started crying onto Justins body running my hands through his hair."Shall I call the cops?" I nodded and Cody walked out the room to call the cops. "Please Justin, Justin?" I new it wouldnt work but I started pushing Justins chest and trying CPR. I felt Justins breath hitch. "Justin?" Justin gasped and sat up "A-amber?" I smiled and hugged Justin. "a-amber?" i smiled and helped justin stand up. "Please dont ever do that again!" Justin nodded "i promise" I sat Justin on the bed and walked over to Cody "hey cody can Justin and I talk alone please?" Cody nodded and walked outside. "Hey amber thanks"   "no problemo buddy" "so you and cody serious"  "yes" Justin sighed and stood up "well you can go off with Cody then see you later" and he pushed me out the door "Justin!" I pushed him away from me and sucked up my tears "amber im sorry" I ignored him and left Justins house and walked over the road to codys car.

Justin's Pov

I watched amber walk over the road before she stopped half way to look back at me i weakly smiled before my heart jumped out my chest. "AMBER MOVVVVEEEEEEEE!" Bang that was it a large delivery truck had hit her head on, I ran over stumbling slightly as my chest hurt. Cody also ran out his car. She wasnt breathing.


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