The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


5. I Do Love You

Amber's Pov

I woke up starring at the ceiling , I can't believe James did this to me I felt played and I wanted to kill Amanda Finland - that bitch. Anyway I remembered Justin had brought me home so I wanted to thank him. I pulled out my phone and dialled his number I waited 5 seconds then heard a phone down stairs. I was a little scared as I was home alone . My mum was on a business trip in New York and my dad had died in a car accident 3 years back. So back to the ringing , I got out of bed and walked down stairs holding into the side rail tightly. I walked into the lounge to see Justin laying on my couch. I laughed a little and went and sat beside him. I stared at him realising that I do love Justin, I really do. I tapped his shoulder to try and awake him . "Uhh what where am I? " Justin said I kissed his forehead and replied " Justin your at my house ". He opened his eyes and smiled.

Justin' Pov

I opened my eyes and smiled at Amber. I was happy Amber wasn't with James anymore he is a total jerk. I will talk to him the next time I see him it killed me to see amber cry so he needs to realise he was wrong. Amber walked into the kitchen and I followed her, she opened the fridge and got some juice and pored two glasses . She passed one to me and I sipped on it and placed it on the counter top. "How are you ?" I asked her , " ok I guess just hert" she replied . I hugged Amber and finished my juice." Justin?" " yeah ?" Amber paused for a second " I love you". I smiled from ear to ear," what seriously?" Amber nodded. " We'll I love you to ". Amber walked over and smacked her lips onto mine. She slowly kissed me and I grabbed her waist. She pulled away and said " BUM WE HAVE SCHOOL!!!" I jumped up and replied " OMG yeah ! Hurry!!" She ran upstairs to the shower and I ran to my house to get ready . I had a shower and changed into jeans a white vest and black surpas.

Amber's Pov 

I was rushing around it was stressful ! I got dressed into a pink floaty blouse , light blue jeans and pink converse. I brushed my teeth and hair then ran out the front door with my bag and phone. I jumped on the bus and saw Justin sitting at the back before I could start walking James grabbed me and said " babe look I'm sorry - but you weren't giving me action so I had toget it from Amanda you no?" I smirked and slapped him across his cheek once again the walked to the back to sit with Justin. " Hey beautiful !" I blushed and kissed Justin on the cheek.We talked all the way to school and when we got there we looked at our timetables we both had Maths in 3E1. We both hated maths but we sat next to each other and it was kinda fun. We walked to maths and took our seats. " Hey so erm are we going out ?" Justin whispered. "We'll are you asking me out?" I winked " do you want to go out with me?" I nodded and kissed Justin. Maths wasn't so boring after all.

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