The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


9. Hospital and Flights

Amber's Pov

Justin pulled out of the paintballing centre and turned on the radio."TONITE WERE DRINKING FROM THE BOTTLE!"  I laughed at Justins singing and we continuted driving down the road. My heart pounded and I screamed "  OMG JUSTIN JUSTIN WATCH OUT FOR THAT TRUCK ITS SPEEDI-" before i could speak any more my vision went blurry and everything went black. 



*beep beep beep beep beep* I opened my eyes, it stung the sun lights was like a razor cutting open my eyes.I finally opened my eyes and looked around to see Justin in a bed next to me. "Justin justin?" Justin instantly sprung up " BOO ! Omg boo your awake!" He hugged me and then spoke " Boo you have been in a coma for 2 weeks! Im so happy your up !" A male doctor walked in a looked at his file. " Okay miss Rose do you feel ill in any way?" I shook my head and then smiled " okay you are free to go after I have subscribed some pills for you." I smiled and turned back to Justin."So why arnt you in a coma too?" Justin looked upset. "Wel-ll the t-truck hit your side not mine." He had tears forming in his eyes."Aw Justin come on its okay." He walked over and hugged me. THe doctor entered the room and handed me a little tub of pills. " So take one when you get up and one before you go to bed, repeat for 2 weeks and you should be good as new." I smiled and Justin shook hands with the doctor " thank you for keeping my boo alive if she wasnt here I would have no meaning to live." The doctor smiled and I held Justins hand. "So what are you doing about your car?" Justinn replied " I am getting a new one free because the accident wasnt my fault." He gave me a week smile and we waited for a cab. A yellow cab drove past and we hoped in." To number 1 maglaen Way please." The cab driver nodded and Justin and I sat back. " I love you baby" Justin smiled " Love you more boo." After 20 minutes the cab stopped and we payed and got out. My mum was waiting at the front door. "Honey honey honey! Aww baby girl." My mum hugged me and kissed my head a few times. "Thank you Justin for staying with her, I did try and stay but work was a nightmare they were calling me in 24/7!" I giggled and hugged my mum "Its fine mum im home now." We all walked in and I walked upstairs to get showered. I stripped down and stepped into the steaming water. " ITS A LITTLE BIT FUNNY THIS FEELING INSIDE IM NOT ONE OF THOSE WHO CAN EASILY HIDE I DONT HAVE MUCH MONEY!" I kept singing and washed my hair and body.I turned the shower off and stepped out.I wrapped a towel around my hair and then slipped on my robe. I walked into my room and got dressed into jeans a baggy top and my fluffy slippers. I walked down stairs to see my mum talking to Justin. "Hey honey." I smiled and sat on the couch talking to Justin and my mum. *RING RING* " Sorry its ,my mum" I smiled and Justin answered his phone."WHAT? No ME? REally ! wow! Wait what new york! NO ! Mum no! I will think about it bye mum bye bye." Justin locked his phone and put it in his pocket. "What was that babe?" Justin looked at the floor " Well you no the video on youtube you posted." I nodded " well I have been asked to go and go to new york someone has offered me a record deal." I jumped up and clapped " omg well done! why are you upset then?" Justin sniffed before replying " I have to move out there for 2 years." My face dropped and so did my heart. My mum walked out to the kitchen and Justin looked at me."W-well thats um g-great." I lied, I didnt want Justin to leave. " I dont no what to do boo" I new he wanted to go. " Just go Justin its fine we can skype and stuff." He nodded and kissed me." Ok." Is that all he was going to say ok? " So you just going to go then?" Justin looked angry."NO OF COURSE NOT! I LOVE YOU I WILL MISS YOU!"  justin had never raised his voice at me I felt a tiny bit scared. " Just go." He stood there "GO!NOW!" He shook his head and opened the front door. "I am going tomorrow at 4.30 goodbye boo." He slammed the door. This cant be it?Really the end. I missed him already I cant Imagen what two years is going to be like.

Justin' Pov

"MUMMM im home!! Im coming to new york!" I huffed and walked up to my room then slammed the door. I sat on the edge of the bed with my head in my hands."Why why why I love her." I whispered to myself. I missed her already I cant imagen what two years is going to be like. My mum knocked on my door. "Come in " She opened it and sat on my bed ."Did you say goodbye to Amber?" I nodded and replied " yeah yeah I suppose." She hugged me and kissed my head." You are gonna need to start packing Justin." I nodded and stood up. I reached on top of my wardrobe and got my suitcase. My mum walked out and I packed my things.


My alarm went of at 4am, I stood up and rubbed my eyes. Amber amber amber its all that was on my mind. I had a quick shower and put on my sweats ready for the long journey ahead. I took my bag down stairs and got some paper and a pen. I wrote AMBER, IM SORRY FOR SHOUTING I LOVE YOU DEARLY I WILL MISS YOU FROM JUSTIN XOXO

I folded the note in half and walked out the front door. I jogged up to amber's house and slid it under her door. I ran back to my house and helped my mum pack our things into the car.Jazzy and Jaxon were staying with my grandma and grandpa. I hoped in the car and closed the door. I looked at my phone seeing my reflection.  My mum started up the car and we drove out of town.


ALL FLIGHTS BOARDING PLANE 345 GO TO THE GATES NOW. Me and mum dragged our bags to the gates and walked to the aeroplane

Amber's Pov

RING RING RINGGG. My alarm was going mad, I rolled over and hit it. It was 6.30 , It was the holidays so I didnt have to go to school but I am going to Nicoles at 8 so I need to get sorted. I walked down stairs and saw a note under the door I picked it up it read:AMBER, IM SORRY FOR SHOUTING I LOVE YOU DEARLY I WILL MISS YOU FROM JUSTIN XOXO. I felt tears forming in my eyes, my Justin is gone my Justin is gone. I put the note on the counter and got some water. 

*1 hour later*

I was going to Nicoles in 30 minutes but I was all ready so I just watched iCarly. THis brought back memories of me and Justin sitting here watching iCarly. I started crying, I missed his smell his touch ,him. I fixed my makeup and walked out the door and down the road to nicoles. " Hey! Smell!" Nicole greeted me. "H-h-hi" Nicole frowned "whats up boo?" No no one calls me that apart from Justin " DONT call me that." Nicole nodded " okay sorry babe come in" I walked past her and sat on the couch with my head in my hands."N-n-nicole i need himm J-j-justin!" Nicole hugged me. "Well hes probally on an areoplane by now so calm down, we can visit him in 3weeks if you like, my mums flying me and her out there to see my dad so you can come." I noddded and hugged back."Do you wanna go shopping boo-bies?" I laughed at her trying to cover up the word boo. "okay boobies."We walked out the door and into her mini cooper."POPULAR YOU NO ABOUT POPULAR!" I started tearing up, Justin and I sung this in the car on our way to paint balling.Nicole turned down the radio. "Whats up?" I shook my head and shrugged it off.She turned the radio back up and I stared out the window."HERE!" I laughed and opened the door.

Justin's Pov

"THE PLANE WILL BE LANDING IN ABOUT 5 MINUTES." I buckled my seat belt and stared out the window. I missed her I missed her smell I missed the cuddles, Amber AMBER! I needed her. "Mum?" My mum looked at me "I miss Amber she is my everything I need her."My mum shook her head "Baby I no you love her but you will find other girls in New York and more friends?Ok?" I smirked and turned to face the window again.No one could replace her or my friends."PLANE LANDED PLEASE EXIT TO THE LEFT THANK YOU." I picked up my bag and walked off the plane with my mum behind me."Okay hunny Scooter is going to pick us up." I nodded and waited for the car."Hey!You must be pattie and Justin!" I faked a smile and got in the car. "So we are gonna go to the studio and record a few bits then Usher can see if your ready." What Usher h is my idol! "USHER!" Scooter nodded, I was in a better mood already. Then my phone vibrated.

From: Amber<3

Hey Justin, Just want to say thank you for the note and im sorry for being rude to you. Have a great time in New York and I will miss you xoxo

I smiled at the message and replied


Hey boo, Thank you and I love you more baby girl <3 xxx

I pressed send and locked my phone. Now me and Amber are okay I can enjoy myself."Okay we are here dude at dudett !" I laughed and got out the door. "OKay so go in there and sing your heart out baby."I smiled at my mum and walked in to see Usher."He dude im Usher." Be bro shook and I started singing. "U got, u got it bad When you're on the phone Hang up and you call right back U got, u got it bad If you miss a day without your friend Your whole life's off track You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house You don't wanna have fun It's all you think about U got it bad when you're out with someone But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else U got it bad."Usher  smiled "Well done bro that was amazing!" I smiled and he spoke " Record deal! Well done mate!" I jumped and shouted "Yes!" But I need to remember all of this is because Amber posted that video on youtube I need to thank her. I dialled her number after three rings she answered j:Hey boo! a: Hey baby whats up? j: I got a record deal! a: well done baby i new you could do it!whos it with? j: USHERRRR!! a: omg! Well done babe! j: thanks for posting that video! a: no problem hun. j:Love you baby. a:micheal go away!Im on the phone shhh! j: what whos micheal?Amber? Amber? *BEEP BEEP BEEP* The line went dead. Is she cheating on me with this micheal kid? Well two can play this game. "Who was that hunny?" I shook my head "No one." My mum replied "okay baby do you and usher wanna go to a club tonight?" This would be the perfect time to pull a new girlfriend since Amber's already got a boyfriend. "Sure, can we go and get ready its already 7 o'clock." My mum nodded and we got scooter to drive us to his house we are staying in. "Okay dude go shower." I went upstairs and took a shower then got dressed into jeans a white vest and supras. "IM READY USHERRR!" Usher ran upstairs "Okay dude thets go." We got out and went into usher's porsche. 

Amber's Pov

The line went dead god! Why cant micheal just leave my phone alone. Micheal is my cousin and he is 2 he is allways taking my phone. I have to look after him for the weekend. "You little shit come back here!" I chased Micheal around the lounge trying to get my phone. He dropped it onto the wooden floor. *SMASH* "CRAP! MICHEAL! MIND THERES GLASS!" I picked up my phone and then picked up micheal and put him on the sofa.I got the hover and got a the glass of the floor. "God! So i have no phone now!Nice one micheal!" he giggled and ran upstairs. "Come get ma ramba!" He is so annoying I ran upstairs and followed him into the bedroom, I fell onto my bed and looked at my phone, Yay ! it was still working! I guess iphones are tough! "Micheal im calling justin so come and sit on my lap." I dialled his number.j:what? a:he- uhhh micheal!! *BEEP BEEP BEEP* The line went dead my phone was on the floor agian micheal took it and threw it."I fucking give up!" I walked out the room and got the house phone. "Hey aunt can you come and get micheal he is being a brat!" There was a silence "sure honey I will be there in 5 minutes." "thank you and also he smashed my phone." I new my uncle could get me a new one as he owned apple. "Damm okay i will bring a new one with me." "Cheers" I put down the phone and got micheals things.

Justin's pov

That bitch called me when she was having sex with micheal! What? Who does that to their 'boyfriend'. I will show her tonight. She was my life I thourght I trusted her. Her beautiful body was now in someone elses hands. It made me sick, Only I can touch her like that! "Dude we are here."I jumped out the car and walked into the club. As i walked in there was a beautiful girl at the bar. "Hey can I buy you a drink?" She nodded, She had dark brown eyes and black hair she was shorter than me and very slim. "Im Justin." She smiled "Im selena, selena Gomez."


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