The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


14. Heartbreaker

Justin's pov

It has been 30 minutes since Amber left and im getting ready for the party tonight. I hopped into the shower and washed my body and hair. I turned the shower off and got out drying my hair.I blowdryed my hair and quiffed it up as usual. Then I put my boxers on and my jeans a tshirt with white supras. I sprayed a bit of aftershave and ran down stairs then out the door. I hopped into my lambo and speeded off down the road only 5 minutes away from scooters. I reached Scooters house and pressed the door bell. Almost immediately he answered and got me in."Hey bro wheres amber?" I shook my head "she stood on a knife and her cousin Millie has taken her she made me come without her." Scooter smiled "oh thats a shame, oh well have a great night dude." He bro hugged me and walked off. i saw lil twist over in the corner so I walked over. "hey bro!" I bro hugged him "hey man hows it going?" "fine dude good wanna drink?" I nodded and he handed me a beer. "Thet me show you some people." I nodded and walked over to a bunch of girls with lil twist. "Okay bieber this is Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Perrie Edwards and Victoria Justice." I smiled and hugged all the girls "hey ladies im Justin." They all smiled and I walked into another group of people, lil twist started saying "this is Harry Styles , Cody Simpson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. "I smiled and shook hands with them all. "Hey Justin wheres Amber?" It was Cody "Oh shes at the hostpital she wouldnt let me take her and insisted I went to this party." I rolled my eyes and Cody laughed "oh okay bro hope she gets better." I smiled and walked over to the drinks. I grabbed another beer and then another glugging them down and then another and then another. I stood up feeling weird and walked over to Ariana Grande. "Hello gorgeous" She smirked "hello sexy." I smacked my lips onto hers and began running my hands down her sides.

Amber's Pov

I went to the hospital and its just a little slice in my foot, I have two stiches but I feel fine so i am gonna go and surprise Justin at scooters party. Millie dropped me back off at home and I ran upstairs to get changed. I changed into Skinny jeans a black crop top and to top it off a pair of black wedge heels. I lightly did my make-up and straightened my hair then tied it in a loose pony tail.

I ran out the house and into my Black range Rover. I speed down the road and arrived at Scooters I rung the door bell and Scooter opened it. "Hey sweetie!" I hugged Scooter "hey is Justin here?" He nodded" yeah he is upstairs." " Thank you" "Wait hows your foot?" I giggled "Its good thank you I just have two stiches now." I smiled and walked upstairs and my heart fell, it was Justin making out with some girl he had his top off and they were grinding on the wall. I walked over and Justin looked up , I pulled my hand up to his face and slapped it, then I felt a ripple of pain spread across my cheek, He had hit me. "You mother fucker!" I walked back down the stairs and found scooter "justin has crossed the line Im going home." Scooter frowned "what happned amber?" I let a tear fall from my cheek. "Justin was grinding on Ariana and then I slapped him and he slapped me back look" I pointed to my cheek then Scooter hugged me." okay please stay I will talk to Justin." I nodded and Scooter walked upstairs. I searched around for someone I new then out the corner of my eye I saw Cody I walked over to a group of his friends "hey Cody!" He smiled and pecked my cheek "hey sugar!" I hugged him and he smiled " these are my friends Harry, Zayn and Niall. I hugged all the boys "hey Im Amber " Harry kept looking at me and I just smiled "You look gorgoeus princess, wheres Justin?"Cody asked I looked at the ground " You no Ariana Grande? Well she was gridning on Justin and they were snogging and yeah I slapped Justiin t-then he slapped me back." I held me cheek and harry looked at me " What the fuck!" Harry shouted and hugged me.All four boys looked angry , "well Scooter wants me to stay so do you guys wanna go dance?" They all nodded and I grabbed Niall and harrys hands then started dancing with them trying to forget what happend 10 minutes ago.i moved closer to Cody and started dancing with him. I then walked over to Zayn "so hows you and Perrie?" He smiled "we are getting married in two weeks!" I hugged him "Congrats!" I walked back over to Harry and Niall and danced whilst holding their hands. "You look pretty amber" Niall blushed "aww thank you babe." We kept dancing and then I saw Justin walk down the stairs "Harry can you come with me and see Justin I dont wanna go alone " Harry nodded and we walked over to Justin "Hewo pincess bum bum head pahahah!" He was so drunk it was crazy. "Justin you have blown your last chance." He giggled "what ever pincess bum bum !" Harry stood Infront of me "Stop being a retard Justin shes leaving you. " I gave Justin an evil look and hugged harry "Thank you harry this was his last chance, hes a heartbreaker. " Me  and harry walked back over to the guys and kept dancing. "Do you guys wanna come back to mine and watch some movies?" Harry smiled "yeah! are you driving? " I nodded "yeah come on." We all walked out the house and into my Range Rover. Me and Cody sat in the front and Niall and Harry sat in the back. (Zayn stayed at the party with Perrie). After 5 minutes, we arrived at my house. "Lets get in guys its cold. " We all ran in and sat on the couch. I sat inbetween Niall and Harry and Cody sat next to Niall. I grabbed the remote and turned the tv onto the movie Channel I looked up and down the movies "okay boys its The Notebook , Never say Never , Mean girls, Wild Child, Mamma, Insidious 2 or Sponge Bob The Movie?" They all thourght and all shouted "Mamma!" I giggled "okay if you start playing it I will get the popcorn. I walked out into the kitchen and put the popcorn into the microwave. *AYYY SEXY LADYY WHOOP* I answered my phone, It was Justin A:Hello ? J:Hewwo Babe! A:What do you want? J:Why arnt you at home baaaaabbbbeee A: Justin I am home, your home isnt mine anymore I will be round tomorrow to get my stuff J:Noooo Baaaabbeeee A:your so immature! J:No i just had to much apple Jucie A:Your a jackass J: No im sexy A: Your a heartbreaker *BEEP BEEP BEEP* I put my phone back in my pocket then took the popcorn out the microwave and put it in a bowl. "here you are guys" I sat back on the couch and we played the movie. "ARRGHHHH THIS IS SCARY!" Harry laughed "Shhh Princess" i smiled weakly remembering how Justin has broke my heart again.


"Okay guys it finished thets get to bed." The guys looked at me weirdly "where?" I giggled "well we can a bundle into my bed its huge. " we all giggled and ran upstairs. "Right im sleeping this side!" I jumped onto the right side of the bed, then Harry slept next to me then Cody than Niall. "Fishes" Niall giggled "what Niall?" He laughed "fishes" I started laughing even more "You are a special one." And with that I turned over and felt a pair of strong arms around my waist, "Night harry." harry smiled "Goodnight Sweetheart" His Posh accent is to cute. 



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