The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


11. Different Worlds

Amber's Pov

*2 years later*

I am now 17 and havent spoke or seen Justin for 2 years. School has been rubbish, I dont talk to anyone anymore and I am getting bullied by Nicole and Megan who used to be my bestfriends, they spit on me and call me names but worst of all they tease about Justin. Life is horrid and I really am depressed. I walk into school looking at the floor and then go into class do my work and get out without talking to anyone.My mum and I are closer than ever but her job takes up most of her time. I only she her on Sunday morings. 

Justin's Pov

I am now 17 and haven't spoke to Amber for two years. I pretend I dont no who she is so there is no drama. Life is awsome I am staying in paris at the moment.I have been with Selena for two years and I have realised the 'My World' Album. Money is coming out of my ears, I am filthy rich but I earned every single penny. I am working on a movie now 'Never say Never'. I am also thinking of proposing to Selena. I can imagen spending the rest of my life with her although if Amber hadnt of cheated on me I would have proposed to her. She was perfect in every way and I loved her with my whole world. But Selena is just as perfect and she owns my heart now.My mum always brings up Amber but I ignore her and walk away, I really have tried to forget her but in my head I still see her beautiful face. But to the rest of the world I don't no who Amber Rose is.


I walked into my hotel room and layed on the bed with Selena watching iCarly. "You ok babe?" I smiled "Perfect "then kissed her nose. I looked into her stunning eyes "Baby be ready at 5.30 I have a suprise for you." She nodded. 

*AT 5.30*

"Im ready justin." I smiled "okay get in the car princess." She hoped in and we drove to the effial tower. We both sat on the table and I felt in my pocket for the velevt box. I got on the floor and lent on one knee. "Selena Marie Gomez will you marry me?" It felt strange as I have always imagened asking Amber to marry me. "Yes Justin yes yes yes!" She kissed my lips and I placed the shinning ring onto her finger. 

Amber's Pov

I got home from school walked upstairs and collapsed onto my bed.I opened twitter on my phone to see a picture of selena and Justin at the effial tower I read the caption aloud "My beautiful wife to be." I looked at the shinning ring on her finger. My heart couldnt drop any lower so it vanished. I felt sick looking at them, He was my baby, my Justin. it was time to do something but I had no confidence no chance of changing Justins mind and he probally didnt want to talk to me.I stripped down and walked to the shower and hopped in.After showering i went into my closet to get a tshirt. I moved a few sweater and saw Justins 'I LoVE AMBER' top. I giggled and placed it over my head. It smelt of justin, so I turned the light out and fell asleep with the smell lingering around the room.


I woke up and didnt even bother taking a shower, I really am not wanted anyway. I pulled on a pair of black leggings an over sized baseball jersey and white converse. I pulled my hair up in a messy bun and pulled a beanie over it. I lightly applied some makeup and then walked out the door. I got onto the bus and sat down. "GET OFF THE BUS BITCH!" I sighed and walked off the bus I walked back up to my house and got into my mini cooper. When I arrived at school I walked in with my head low. Then I bumped into somone. "I-im s-sorry e-erm s-orry." I looked up and it was someone new. "Hey its alright I wasnt looking where I was going." I weakly smiled "I-i better g-go." He smiled "okay im cody, cody simpson you?" I looked up into his eyes "A-amber r-rose " He hugged me and walked off smiling.I felt happy someone had talked to me. "YO BITCH!" It was Megan. I held my head low and kept walking till she yanked my hair by the bun. "Wait up mother fucker." I yelped in pain "g-get o-of p-please M-megan." She laughed and pulled harder "Get of her you hoe." I looked up with tears in my eyes it was Cody. "You okay princess?" I felt butterflies in my belly but not the way I felt with Justin. "Y-yeah I g-guess thank y-you." He smiled and hugged me, I started crying into his shoulder. "Whats up baby girl?" I told cody everything about Justin and the bullying. "well I think you need a friend right now so I am here." I smiled weakly "Do you wanna bunk school?" I nodded and we walked out the gates. "Movie day at mine?" I nodded and we walked to Codys house which was only down the road. When we arrived we sat on the sofa. I cuddled cody whilst watching Shutter Island. "Cody wheres y-your b-bathroom p-please?" Cody frowned "You dont have to be shy around me but its the first left upstairs." I walked upstairs.

Cody's Pov

I really feel for amber, justin just left her without any reason. If i saw Justin I would punch him so hard. I havent known amber for long but I feel i need to protect her.Amber walked down stairs and cam and cuddled into my chest again. "Why dont you take your beanie of its warm in here." She took off her beanine and un tied her hair from the bun. It feel down just below her breasts. "You look beautiful Amber." She smiled "Thank you C-cody." I chuckled and we cuddled until the movie finished."Do you want to go shopping?" Amber nodded "I am gonna help you get your confidence back Angel." Amber once again nodded and we drove to the shopping centre.

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