The Story

Amber (aged 15) goes to an ordinary school in Stratford , whilst being at Stradford high Amber meets Justin Bieber (age 15 not famous). They become best of friends and maybe much more but then Justin moves away . When him and Amber meet up he has forgot everything, the laughs the fights and the love.How could you forget?


6. Birthday

Amber's Pov

Its been 3 months since Justin and I started dating - I love Justin he doesn't rush anything and he's really loving. I am really excited because in 2 days it's my 16th Birthday and school finishes a week after. I am having a huge party at my house this Friday it's Tuesday by the way. I can't wait but for now school. The two days past real quick and I woke up on my birthday . I saw my mum walk through my bedroom door and I also saw Justin. "Happy birthday Hun!" My mum shouted." Happy birthday gorgeous!" Justin kissed my forehead and handed me a purple box I looked at him and took the box. I carefully peeled the wrapping paper and the box read 'Jimmy Choo'. " OH MY GOD JUSTINNNN!!!" I screamed and kissed him on his plump lips. I opened the shoe box and pulled out the heels. They were pink with tiny diamonds all over. I placed them back into the box and put it at the end of my bed . Next my mum handed me a pink box. I again pulled the wrapping paper back and opened the box it was a dress , I pulled out the dress and it was beautiful it was the same pink as the shoes Justin got me. It was thigh length and floaty . " It's beautiful mum thank you", I hugged her and placed the dress into its box. After my presents I had a few cards from my family. Aunt Sally Grandma and Grandpa and a card from Masie my friend from over the road. I kissed Justin and hugged my mum " thank you so much guys!" I stood up and we all went down stairs for breakfast. After I finished my breakfast Justin went home to get dressed and I went upstairs to have a shower. When I finished I stepped out and got dressed into a pink floaty dress and white pumps with bows on . It was quite hot today about 35* so I also put my ray bans in my bag. I grabbed my bag and phone then went down stairs." Love you mum." And then I walked out the door and down the road. Today I had doublescience than Maths . Urrghhh!! Oh well the bus came up the road and I stepped on, I sawjustin smiling at the back of the bus . I smiled to and ran up to him " HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER" I pecked Justin on the lips and sat down. " thank you so much for the shoes they are gorgeous " Justin smiled and hugged me. He stood up and I looked at him confused . " OK EVRYONE READY 3...2...1 " when Justin got to one the whole bus sung " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOYOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMBERRRRRR HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ... HIP HIP HURRAAYY HIP HIP HURRAAYYYYY!!!! Whooooo!!" I blushed and shouted " Thank you everyone " everyone cheered and I smiled at Justin. The whole bus journey Justin and I talked about my party tomorrow . I was so excited Chaz ( one of mine and Justins best frIends) was the dj and over 100 people were invited. When we got of the bus I walked withJustin to science. It wasn't to bad as Justin and I worked together on the experiment . After two hours the bell went " okay class dismissed " .everyone ran out of class , it was lunch time now so me Justin Chaz Ryan and Alex all walked to the cantienne. We sat down and all shared a huge bag of Doritos and a packet of Oreos . *RINNNGGGG* the bell went so we all said our goodbyes and walked to class. Justin and I were togethr so we walked to class. Maths was boring we had a supply teacher who was clearly death. " miss can I have a text book please " I kindly asked " dear please speak up" I repeated myself " ok dear here's a pencil " I rolled my eyes and said " miss I said book " she didn't hear me and handed me the pencil. " miss I wanted a book" she gasped and said " you can't take a look!" I looked at Justin and he was dying of laughter . After 10 minutes of arguing the bell went and I walked out of class." Hey wait up boo" I turned around " sorry I just wanna get home " I felt a bit annoyed because of that stupid maths teacher. " Baby calm down ." He lifted up my chin with his thumb. " hey ?" I smiled and looked into his beautiful eyes making my knees week. I stood on my tip toes and kissed his plump lips enjoying every second." Okay now you have calmed down - what are you doing for dinner?" I thought for a second and replied " nothing just eating with my mum I think- you can come if you want?" Justin nodded and we walked to the bus. As we stepped on the bus I felt someone pull me and then kiss me. I pulled away because I no what Justin's kisses feel like and that wasn't one of them. I opened my eyes to see James- James Morgan. " Happy birthday baby" I pushed past him and then I heard Justin say " mate stay away from my girl or I will break you." James laughed and to my surprise Justin twisted his arm and held him there. James struggled to get out and said " O-k ju-st let goo!" Justin realesed his arm and James walked up Stairs starring at his arm. " thank you Baby " I kissed Justin and he replied " anytime sugar" . We held hands and took our seats at the back of the bus once again. When we arrived at my house we got off the bus and walked to my front door. *KNOCK KNOCK* two seconds later my mum came to the door beaming. " Hello hunnies come in come in." I smiled at my mum and Justin and I walked in. " Okay love birds it's 3.30 now and we are having dinner at 7 so you have a bit of free time to do what ever you do but remember I'm home" she winked and I blushed. " Okay mum thanks." I arkwardly walked up stairs and sat on my bed . " so I have an idea." Justin looked confused so I explained " well when I first met you you told me you liked singing so I thought I could record you and post it on YouTube?" Justin scanned the floor " ummm it's a sweet idea babe but I'm not even that good so" I cut him off and said " I'm sure your brilliant " he nodded and replied " okay but if it sounds bad then tell me." I nodded and went to the camera on my phone. Justin stood up an started singing a song he had written called one less lonely girl " there's gonna be one less lonely girl one less lonely girlll - I' ll fix up your broken heart " he kept singing and I kept recording. He finished and I stopped the recording . " OMG BABE THAT WAS AMAZINGGGG!!!"  He smiled and I hit upload and It uploaded. It was already 5.30 so we still had a bit of time till dinner. " so what do you wanna do?" " meet up with Chaz and Ryan?" Justin smiled and replied " sure thang boo" I giggled and we walked down stairs. " Mum we are going to the park we won't be long." He mum shouted " OK HUN BE CAREFUL" We walked through the door and started walking to the park .

Justin's Pov

As we arrived at the park we saw Chaz and Ryan shooting some hoops, " hey bro! Hows it going?" I did a bro shake with Chaz and then Ryan. " She is fit, like you told us Justin!" Said Chaz I blushed and replied " yeah she is shes all mine!" Amber blushed and kissed me then slowly our tounges danced. " Um bro?" Ryan said hinting us to stop making out. " Sorry, So um what do you wanna do?" I replied than Amber said " do you want to play truth or dare?" Chaz nodded and so did Ryan "sure boo". We went and sat on the green grass and took turns Amber went first. " Truth or dare sexy?" Chaz said I hit him and said" only I can call her sexy!" Amber laughed and replied "dare." All of us laughed and Ryan said" Run around the park naked!!" Amber's smile dropped " NO WAY!" Ryan laughed and said" okay so ummm make out with Justin here right now." Amber smirked and sat on my lap. We started making out and our tounges danced like earlier.After what seemed like seconds Chaz said " umm guys its been 10 minutes come on!" Amber pulled away and sat back down on the grass. She pulled out her phone and said " Justin its 6 o'clock we should be heading back now babe." I nodded and bro hugged Chaz and Ryan. " Bye boys." Amber said hugging them. Our fingers interlocked and we walked home.We knocked on the door and my mum opened it." Hey guys you ok?" We both nodded and then walked up stairs. All of a sudden Amber's phone blew up with notices. She opened them and they were all YouTube. " Justin omg you have 456 views on your video all ready!" She scrolled through and read a few comments ' wooowww great voice' ' omg your amazing ' ' beautiful' Amber smiled at all the comments and so did I. " Wow i didnt expect that!" Amber lent over and kissed me. " Shall we go down stairs and order dinner now?" I nodded and followed Amber down stairs. " Umm mum can we have duck, chicken balls, chips, rice, noodles, prawn toast and anything you want pleaase?" Her mum smiled and replied " sure sweetie." Amber smiled and walked over to the sofa. " What do you want to watch?" I looked through TV guide and replied " iCarly?" Amber laughed and replied " hahah okay then ". After we watched iCarly for 30 mins dinner came and we enjoyed that. " Okay im gonna go now as I want to get some sleep before the party tomorrow." Amber nodded and kissed me goodbye. I said thank you to Amber's mum for dinner and walked back to my house. I saw my mum asleep on the sofa. I got a blanket and placed it over her, then I walked upstairs and got changed into sweats. I jumped into bed and fell asleep dreaming about Amber.

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